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A beautiful pedicure is just as important as a high-quality stylish manicure. Toenails require regular complex care, the final stage of which is application of a beautiful coating. Each season brings new trends to the nail art industry, offering us a variety of options - from restrained classic pedicures to daring modern trends.

Popular Pedicure Designs - A Final Touch to Your Stylish Look

A trendy pedicure is not only about a trendy solid color. Today, such a simple solution gives way to more complex toenail designs that require the implementation of various pedicure techniques, as well as the use of additional decor elements. Many women are striving to stick to a single style of their manicures and pedicures, but professionals find it better to choose different pedicure designs.


Sparkling decorations have long ceased to be something that’s suitable for a festive look only. Glitter shining in daylight, various tinsel glitter, and colorful kami fubuki can add some special charm to a natural looking pedicure or enhance the vividness of flashy nail polish hues. One of the quick & easy options for shining toenails is using a shimmering polish.

Shiny accents are often placed on white toenails, which look very simple, but in combination with iridescent decor acquire an expensive festive look. Pedicure designs with a basic black coating and colored shiny accents (e.g. patterns or scattering) are no less interesting.

A tip from nail technicians: If you don’t want to make your shiny pedicure design look ridiculous and tasteless, do it just for one or two of your toenails, and go for a non-shining coating for the rest.


This sparkling pedicure option is especially appropriate for an evening or festive look. Decorative elements can be laid out conceptually: forming patterns or outlining a certain area of the toenail. Nail artists recommend taking into account the following tips in order to achieve a harmonious look:

  • toenails would look way more sophisticated and elegant if you do not decorate the entire nail plate with rhinestones - it’s better to put them along the lunula, the nail edge or the borders between different colors used in your pedicure;
  • a luxurious toenail look is obtained when pedicure with rhinestones are combined with nail polish of rich deep shades, and a romantic look is achieved if the shiny stones are applied to natural looking toenails;
  • rhinestones are an ideal accent for a floral or lace pedicure design, but only in a small amount - stones in no case should outshine the main pattern.

Chrome Powder

A pedicure with such an accent always looks expensive and impressive. It would be enough to apply chrome powder to the big toe only, painting the rest of the toenails a natural color shade. Nail experts recommend the following pedicure design options:

  • tiny rhinestones, sequins, and sparkles on the chrome toenail;
  • lace, openwork patterns, and neat brush strokes for a more delicate look;
  • alternation of chrome and matte toenails.

Specialized foil is actually a great alternative to chrome powder. Its hallmark is that not only a beautiful solid metallic effect can be created with its help: feel free to experiment with abstract patterns that will give a touch of originality to your toenail look.

Elegant French Design

There are several reasons why a stunning French pedicure has been topping for a while. This is the exact case when simplicity meets sophistication, so a French-style pedicure is always a sign of a business lady. What’s important, it’s no less suitable for a romantic look.

There are also plenty of more daring French pedicure options. For example, toenails can have the classic natural color base and white tips in brighter colors or complemented by eye-catching accessories or jewelry.


The ombre pedicure design is especially popular in today’s manicure and pedicure industry. The color transitions on toenails can be subtle, creating a feeling of tenderness, or sharp and contrasting, emphasizing the audacity and creativity of the toenail look. So that the toes do not look too flashy with their numerous overflows, gradient transitions are done on a big toe, and the rest of the toenails are painted solid color, but, of course, there are many other ombre pedicure design options.

The most popular ombre styles are based on black or white color. A pedicure with a smooth transition from a deep black shade to any shade of red is suitable for sensual people or mentally strong ladies. If you use this color combo and apply a matte top coat, your pedicure will perfectly complement an elegant and luxurious night-out look.

Bright Pedicure

Bright toenails can be achieved not only by using a vibrant gel polish hue, but also by using specialized nail art decoration tools or adding sparkling decor elements to the pedicure design. Summer-inspired pedicure design with nature-themed paintings is very eye-catching, especially if you use rich and contrasting colors. But even with the onset of colder time of the year, you can add a juicy touch to a restrained pedicure design using the following techniques:

  • emphasis on the cuticle area -  just emphasize its contour by drawing a thin line or outlining it with tiny rhinestones;
  • glitter nail polish;
  • get a geometric pedicure and highlight the outlines of the pattern with bright neon nail polish or a coating of basic shades - black, white, blue, or beige.

Solid-Color Pedicure Design

This option will forever be in vogue, regardless of the season. Here are some toenail design options that are sure to look good on your beautiful pedicured feet:

  • monochromatic matte big toe color in combination with glossy top coat on the rest of the toenails;
  • solid color gel polish for all toenails;
  • a pedicure using one of the basic light colors and some chrome powder to create gentle transitions.

How To Use Trendy Nail Art Colors Properly

In order to enhance your pretty feet with a pedicure and make the selected color look even more attractive, make sure to follow recommendations by pro nail technicians listed below.


Any shade of this bright color can make a woman's look sexier, express passion, and increase their attractiveness greatly. However, many people consider a single-color classic red pedicure boring, so nail experts have come up with a number of recommendations for this kind of style:

  • place an accent on your big toe by using the beloved ombre technique. Color transitions can be done using orange or any other hue close to red;
  • complement the scarlet tone with rhinestones or foil sequins in order to enhance its vibrance. Nail techs usually combine red with golden elements. Such pedicure designs are especially appropriate in a festive look.


The classic monochromatic natural-looking nude coating is chosen by most business women who strictly stick to the office style and dress code. But even for such situations, there are many ways to diversify the toenail design, giving your pretty pedi nails a special charm:

  • Base glossy polish can be applied to all toenails except for the big toe. To decorate this one, use a combination of nail polish and chrome powder, giving some elegant shine to the pedicure;
  • Bright contrasting elements in the form of colored lines along the cuticle area are also appropriate, especially when they go with a minimalistic pattern on the big toe. You can also use vivid kami fubuki for chaotic accents;
  • In addition to the classic nude palette, you can opt for non-standard shades of light lilac, peach, mint and sky blue.


This base tone has always been one of the most popular colors in pedicure. You can add a zest to your look by painting the big toe a rich contrasting color, though. For instance, it can be black or red. The color does not have to be solid - don’t hesitate to create intricate monograms and patterns on your toenails. Speaking of other white pedicure options, you can try the lunar pedicure design where the lunula is painted gold or silver.


This gentle hue has always been associated with romance, femininity, and elegance. Depending on the choice of a shade of pink (warm or cool, muted or vibrant), the pink pedicure can turn out to be restrained or, on the contrary, alluring. This color looks perfect in a solid-color pedicure and ombre technique, taking into account a number of points:

  • bright saturated colors, including fuchsia and raspberry, are best looking in a classic glossy design;
  • shades of dusty rose, peach and other muted pinks take on a special charm when used with a matte topcoat.


Many people associate this bright saturated shade with sunlight and gold, and therefore, it somehow fills them with positive emotions. The combination of yellow with black, silver, and purple colors looks quite interesting in pedicure designs. Also, try some combinations with a red color palette.

You can jazz up your yellow pedicure design by using special techniques:

  • geometric patterns. Any trendy geometric design has multiple versions - starting from single color stripes in the form of a spider web to a pattern consisting of colored lines of different width lined up along or across the toenail;
  • a combination of matte and glossy topcoats with emphasis on the big toe;
  • using a textured topcoat  as the sole accent of a yellow pedicure.


This rich warm color tone perfectly complements summer and autumn toenail looks, becomes a real zest of a winter pedicure, and brings special colors to a spring design.

If you’re using the color of a ripe orange as your main tone, but you want to make the toenails look more delicate and original, you can supplement the coating with silver glitter or rhinestones, but only on one of your toenails.


Rich purple pedicure is loved by ladies no less than the pink color shade. Such a pedicure always looks as feminine and charming as it gets, and in combination with glitters it takes on a very luxurious look. You can replace glitter with metallic coating or foil. There are also options for diluting the base tone with contrasting colors - black, white or blue.

There are tons of options for a trendy pedicure. The choice should be based on your personal preferences and general style. In addition, take into account how appropriate a certain toenail look is for your everyday life. You can be guided by your own taste or trust a nail expert, adjusting professional advice on color combinations and design with your personal expectations.

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