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Yellow Pedicure

You should definitely try painting your toenails yellow this season. Firstly, it is one of the trends of 2023. Secondly, yellow toenails boost your mood as this color is associated with summer, sunlight, and happiness. Thirdly, yellow goes well with other colors and nail accessories.

Color Combinations with Yellow

Recently, trends dictate the fashion for vibrant colors. This also applies to nail art. Yellow is a bright color itself, but nail artists can use other colors to either tone it down or bring it out.

Black and Yellow

Black is a perfect match for yellow in pedicures. Black geometric patterns on a sunny yellow background look striking. Bold girls might want to get unusual African-inspired designs. Romantic personalities can choose polka dots or lace patterns. Black and yellow colored toenails fit casual and party outfits alike.

Blue and Yellow

You might be thinking that these colors are too contrasting. We would like to object: blue and yellow agree with each other well. Blue floral patterns or blue rhinestones against a yellow base coat are a nice option for a yellow pedi.

Pink and Yellow

Feel free to play with various shades of pink and yellow. If you want a subtle and reserved pedicure fitting for work or a romantic date, choose pastel colors. If you are striving for something unusual and bright to stand out at a party or on the beach, go for neon colors.

Turquoise and Yellow

Turquoise color goes perfectly with pale yellow. You can do pedicures with a gradient, geometric patterns, or colorful strokes in this color combination. If you are heading for a southern country, paint your toenails the color of the turquoise sky, yellow sand, and black palm trees.

Yellow Pedicure Designs

Decorating yellow nails on toes is not necessary, because yellow works great as a stand-alone color in a pedicure. However, there are plenty of beautiful and interesting design ideas for yellow painted toes. Such a pedicure is fit for a formal, everyday, or party look alike.


A French pedicure is the definition of style. It is appropriate for any occasion and draws attention. You can choose a classic version, or go for other colors. A French pedicure is extremely exquisite, especially if you feel creative and use yellow as the base color and paint the nail tips with white. Such a simple design on yellow-color toe nails can also be supplemented with floral or geometric patterns, rhinestones, or foil.


Rhinestones are a common pedicure decoration that is popular among nail artists. You can choose rhinestones of any color. Small stones on the tip of the nail or the lunula are great for an everyday look. Rhinestones are also added to some parts of a picture, for example, to butterfly wings or the middle of a flower.


Animal prints, for example, reptile or leopard, on toenails are especially eye-catching in yellow. Pictures of pineapples, bananas, or lemons are another trending design this year. Many women opt for chaotic splashes of gold or silver. Golden polka dots are also a popular choice. They look cute and elegant at the same time.

Matte Yellow Pedicure

You can always give your pedicure a matte finish. A matte top coat will create a slightly velvety surface without overburdening the design. You can make all or just several toenails matte. Matte yellow polish on toes looks ideal with dark geometric patterns, rhinestones, and glitter.

Lastly, here is a tip from when you go for a brilliant color, make sure that your nails do not have any defects, because vivid colors tend to accentuate them.


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