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Men’s Hairstyles

Contrary to popular belief, self-care is not only a woman's prerogative. Men are not at all indifferent to their looks, too. This is also true when it comes to clothing, shoes, skin and nails. Men’s hairstyles are also important, since it’s an integral part of the male look.

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The key to a man's success is a nice haircut, neat styling, cleanliness and health of hair. It would be a huge mistake to think that only women's hairstyles are subject to fashion trend influence. In fact, men are also down to follow fast-changing fashion and there is no surprise that trending hairstyles for men also exist. The only difference is that women are more disposed to experiment in order to find their perfect hairstyle.

Men's Hairstyles for Long Hair

Some men need to grow their long hair out at least once in their life to find out if it’s a short or a long hairstyle that’s their thing. Unfortunately, growing out hair is a very time-consuming process, which requires a lot of extra care, making cosmetics expenses enormous. However, this has one advantage - men’s long hair can be quickly and easily shortened when you style it into a trendy hairstyle.


The ponytail is the simplest hairstyle for long hair. While the bun has become more popular in recent years, the ponytail is still a good option for guys that are looking for a trendy, maintenance-free aesthetic. The ponytail can be either tight or half-tied. Also, don't hesitate to add some hair gloss for a change. Remember that thorough brushing is an old and tried-and-true method that helps to keep men’s ponytails neat. In case you get tired of wearing the same ponytail all the time, you can alternate and tie it either low or high.


Long braids can help you change your style depending on your mood. Classic braiding is ideal for long hair if you want to look stylish and neat. A men’s hairstyle with different braids on top of the head and on the sides is suitable for braver guys, - they usually put the remaining hair strands into a thick bun. This look is so contrasting and unique that it's sure to attract tons of attention: the bun goes perfectly well with sleek and minimalistic braiding styles.

Man Bun

Just like the ponytail, man bun is a classic men’s hairstyle that is highly unlikely to ever go out of fashion. We can even say that men’s buns are becoming more and more iconic over time because they look stylish and are very convenient for guys with long hair. As soon as you tie your hair in a bun, you’ll realize that time-consuming styling is absolutely out of question. You can place the bun just below the crown and loosen it slightly so that it is not too high and tight. Another helpful tip is to let the tied strands stick out from the top of your bun to create a slightly messy look.

Side Swept Hairstyles

Men’s hairstyles with side swept hair create a unique and trendy look. These are the styles that not only flatter soft facial features, but also boast a variety of options.

In this sense the most diverse styles are men's classic hairstyles. Fashion trends come and go, but classics are always in. This is kind of a blast from the past, when men’s hair is combed back from the forehead and slightly laid to the side. However, those who believe that the classics are not influenced by fashion are wrong. For example, having become amazingly popular in recent years, long bangs are now a much more common element of a classic male haircut.

Men's Hairstyles for Medium Hair

Medium hair is versatile and suitable for a wide variety of dope hair looks. Medium hair is more flexible than short or long one when it comes to styling it. If you are looking for fresh men’s hairstyle ideas and latest hair trends, make sure to check out our photo catalog of the best men's mid-length hairstyles before visiting a salon, a barbershop or your hairdresser.

Men's Short Hairstyles

Short haircuts are maintenance-free and masculine, keeping you fresh and looking good. If you have straight, wavy or curly hair, there are plenty of modern and stylish short hairstyles options that are worth trying. Some guys like fade haircuts for a bold look, while others prefer a stylish undercut for a business style. There are many options for short men’s hairstyles, but styling always depends on the haircut. Short-cut hair often requires no styling at all.

Men's Hairstyles with and without Bangs

Both hairstyles with and without bangs are popular with men, as well as short hair with some extra volume on top that smoothly goes down into a ‘zero fade’ and emphasizes the shape of the head. By the way, trendy sports-style haircuts also presuppose longer bangs, which totally corresponds to the trends of the current 2023 season.

There are various trending hairstyles for men now, so it is very easy to choose the exact option that will flatter your face and hide the flaws. A pro hairstylist is sure to help you choose the most suitable haircut so that your next hairstyle looks good, fashionable and enhances your appearance.

Remember that taking good care of your hair is necessary, as one of the most attractive features of a modern man is well-groomed, clean, and properly cut hair.

Feel free to check an extensive photo collection of beautiful men's hairstyles on our website, where you can browse the catalog to book an appointment with the hairstylist from your city you like the most


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