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Pink Pedicure

Nail artists suggest making up your mind about getting pink toenails. Pink color is associated with tenderness, femininity and will suit both young girls and women over 40. The rich palette of shades (more than 160) certainly has the perfect shade for every fashionista.

Solid Pink Toenails

Among the diversity of colors, pink is the most popular with ladies regardless of their age and lifestyle. It is versatile as it goes perfectly with both everyday and business outfits. Single color pink pedi in the shades of primrose, orchids, powder, coral, berries looks very delicate and gentle. 

Bright colors of fuchsia, raspberry, and flamingo look piping hot and get you in a positive mood. Use these shades to add a summer touch to your cute pink toe nails.

It's not that difficult to add some playful vibes to your look. Tiny rhinestones, shimmery sequins, stickers, and simple paintings will help to make your pink-painted toenails look gorgeous. 

Plus, don't forget about simple techniques to upgrade your regular pedicure. For example, mica powder will create a kind of vibrancy, while a matte topcoat will give elegance.

Color Combinations with Pink

A sense of fashion and measure is not a whim, but a reasonable requirement. Stylish girls know how to combine colors properly. Let’s see which colors go with pink the best in our list of top five best color combinations.

Pink and White

The duo is considered a classic and the most advantageous one. It allows you to improve the shape of the toenails slightly, hide flaws, and emphasize tanned or dark skin.

Pink and Black

Be careful with these two colors. If you are too excessive with the colors, you'll end up with a gloomy emo pedicure. Pink and black nail alternation, drawings, rhinestones, sequins, foil will add a pop of color to your toenails.

Pink and Light Blue

Powdery sky blue is perfect for a summer pedicure. You can use it to create a spectacular gradient, patterns, ornaments, negative space nails.

Pink and Gray

This combo is perhaps one of the most controversial ones. Asphalt gray is a bit too rough for a delicate floral shade. It feels like this color creates barely noticeable dust on the nails. If you want something calm complementing your look, the pink and gray combo in a pedicure is a perfect solution for you.

Pink and Yellow

Lovers of bright colors would appreciate this duo. This pedicure will turn out eye-catching if you add some rhinestones, foil strips, kami fubuki, etc.

Pink Pedicure Designs

Experienced nail artists have prepared some new ideas of pink toe nails with design using fuchsia and rose palettes. Let's take a closer look at the most intriguing ones.


The versatility of the French pedicure is undoubted. If you add a tiny detail, you'll get a unique piece of art. Here are some options:

  • Decorate the tips of the nails with strips of golden foil or rhinestone. 
  • Change the classic shape and size of the trim. Namely, draw a double tip or try different shades.
  • If you're tired of the same old nudes, decorate your pedicure with 3D nail art.
  • Accentuate a thumb or middle finger with glitter, kami fubuki, and bubbles.
  • Get a lively French. For instance, apply a pink base with a contrasting tip. 


It's impossible to have a glamorous pedicure without crystals. You can apply some rhinestones both chaotically or in a precise pattern. To put a long story short, do anything to turn heads with the help of your shining pedicure.


Pink color goes perfectly with chrome nails, sand, and mica powder of all possible shades, such as gold, silver, pearl. They create a shining base that adjusts to the whole look.

Silver Design

Pink pedicures will look incredibly sophisticated if you add silver decor, for example, thin stripes, inscriptions, modest paintings, lace, or 3D art. Are you fed up with pretentious nail designs? Then this is a perfect choice for you.


Any picture done on a pink base can make your toenails look dazzling. The only difficulty you may face is what pedicure design to choose: geometry, abstract, lace art, floral, animal prints. One more thing to keep in mind: don't be excessive with details. Simple lines will be more than enough. 

Kami Fubuki

Single-color, rainbow, colorful kami fubuki (or confetti) will create a new level of fun. You can decorate only one toe with kami fubuki or scatter them chaotically. Try to achieve a unique design, but don't forget about the sense of proportion.  


A pedicure with foil looks exceptionally mesmerizing. Both professionals and beginners create real masterpieces with the help of gold, silver, or colored strips. In addition, such techniques as shattered glass and airbrush have been in favor for years.

Matte Pink Pedicure

Glossy topcoats are undoubtedly gorgeous, but today matte pedicures are more trendy. A velvety finish can be achieved with the help of:

  • Special matte polishes.
  • Sand (a kind of powder).
  • Flocking powder. 

Pink matte toenails will make your look classy and elegant. Moreover, adding rhinestones, glitter, bubbles, the foil will take your pedicure to the next level. The alternation of matte and glossy topcoats looks attractive and playful in a pink pedicure. 

We must admit that pink toenails can't be boring. Just use your imagination and create brand new pink pedicure designs every day.


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