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White Pedicure

A white pedicure is a hot trend of this season. It looks great against tanned skin. A colorful pattern against a white base is a great option for both young and older women. Such a toenail design makes the look fresh and charming. White color goes perfectly with bright and dark colors and is always in.

White Pedicure Designs

In 2023, nail artists play with various shades of white, using not only pure white, but also milky, pinkish, or greyish shades in pedicure designs. This color is often applied only on the thumbnail for contrast. Feel free to decorate a single-color coating with rhinestones or glitter, or go for a French or gradient toenail design. Also, do not forget that nothing can beat a combination of white and gold or silver.


Toenails with a white ‘smile’ against a beige base always look neat and classy. This pedicure design is perfect for open-toe shoes. It looks great both with matte and glossy nail polishes. If you want to make the look more elegant and add accents, use rhinestones and beads. Decorations can be placed in the corners of the ‘smile’ or on the upper part of the nail.


If you want an unusual toenail design, you can paint various images with glitter, for example, geometric or floral patterns, hearts. Glitter can also be used to paint the rim in a French pedicure. Chaotic splashes of glitter near the cuticle make for a subtle, yet festive vibe.

Mirror Powder

A combination of white color and pearly mirror powder is very striking. Toenails with this design look simple, expensive, and stylish and glisten in the sun. Nail artists love this design because working with mirror powder is a delight.


Rhinestones highlight the attractiveness of your feet. These elements are often placed closer to the cuticle. Wide thumbnails can even accommodate an entire picture laid with rhinestones. It is important to know where to stop, lest the look turns out gaudy.


A combination of white and gold looks expensive. This rich color scheme makes for an exciting toenail design. You can coat the nails with a white polish in a pedicure and add golden glitter, rhinestones, caviar beads, mirror powder, or stickers. Golden geometric patterns are having their moment this year. Try it yourself – it looks very tasteful, you’ll see.


You can easily add silver to your toenails with the help of glitter. Silver on white is a very sweet element of a summer look. You can coat the thumbnail with silver foil, leaving the rest of the fingers plain white.

Solid White Pedicure

A plain white nails pedicure is a bold choice. While white color draws attention, it also highlights nail defects. A more interesting option is matte white toenails. They are more delicate, but less practical.

Color Combinations with White

White is, perhaps, the most convenient base color. Even a multicolor flower or a rainbow looks good on a white background. Let’s talk about the trendiest color combinations with white.

Pink and White

A French pedicure can be performed in white and pink. However, this is not the only pedicure design option. White toenails can be adorned with pink lace or foil. A gradient white-and-pink pedicure design is still among trends as well.

Red and White

Red and white is a classic color duo that gives off a romantic vibe. A major trend of 2023 pedicure designs is red lace on white. Red hearts, a glass of red wine are also in. Young girls like to decorate their thumbnails with pictures of movie characters in the red color scheme.

Black and White

If you are unsure how to add black elements to a white pedicure, go for the marble effect. This pedicure design allows you to regulate the depth and intensity of the color. Sophisticated lace and floral patterns also look exquisite in black. Black abstract images, words, and animals are also in.

Finally, do not choose white color if you have very pale skin, because such a pedicure will make your feet look sickly. If you have a strong craving for white, use it in a pedicure in combination with darker colors.

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