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Red Pedicure

A vibrant, eye-catching red pedicure is a perfect choice for an everyday or party look. You won’t have to rack your brains or spend much time surfing the net in search of inspiration. We have narrowed it down to several best red nail art ideas.

Solid Red Pedicure

It is important to care for your feet all year round. Pedicure is an important part of this. It is not only about decorating the nails, but also about treatment. It helps to remove dead skin in time and prevent ingrown nails.

The final stage of foot care is painting the toenails. The simplest and the most stylish design is a solid red pedicure. Red is one of the classic nail art colors that suit any skin tone.

It seems that people can’t get enough of designs with red toenail polish. Judge for yourselves:

  • In 2020, the team of red shades, from brilliant scarlet to elegant burgundy, was in the lead.
  • In 2021, red pedicure was all about matte and glossy red colors. These rich shades were often accompanied with several rhinestones, caviar beads, golden foil, sometimes pictures or stickers.
  • A solid red pedicure is also trending in 2023. It can be performed with glossy or matte nail polish, or anything in between. The specter of red hues is very wide: from carmine pink to burgundy purple.

A laconic single-color pedicure in any shade of red is an indisputable hit.

Red Pedicure Designs

Choosing a trendy color is only half the job. To make a finished look, you should also come up with an interesting and fashionable design. Let’s see what nail artists have to offer!


A beautiful red pedicure looks great in combination with rhinestones. Their shining makes a pedicure, be it a glossy or matte one, bolder and more attractive. However, steer clear of stereotypical and trivial designs. Feel free to combine rhinestones of different colors, shapes, and types, mix opaque and translucent rhinestones, and add contrast.

You can also add stickers and pictures to your sexy red toe nails. This creative decision will make your pedicure stand out.

Red and Gold

Red nail polish in combination with rose gold elements is a timeless option. To make your red-painted toes look like gold-rimmed rubies, use various golden accessories, for example:

  • glitter;
  • sequins;
  • confetti;
  • foil;
  • caviar beads.

Mirror Powder

Red-painted toenails decorated with mirror powder are perfect for a festive occasion. It is not necessary to use mirror powder on all nails. You can combine mirror powder with pictures, ombre, or original patterns.


Let’s add some creative pedicure designs to our collection of ideas: red nail polish with thermal transfer stickers, imitation or even real gold leaf. To make your every toenail look different, apply such decorations unevenly, with bold strokes or shattered glass effect.


A French pedicure looks no less beautiful than a French manicure. A safe choice is to paint the band across the tip of the nail with scarlet or burgundy and add a couple of pictures, rhinestones, or other accessories. Keep in mind that additional decorations should not occupy more than a third of the nail, or else they spoil the look.

A new understanding of minimalism in pedicure is a neon French pedicure. Apply a red base coat and paint the characteristic ‘smile’ with a contrasting color: for example, white, blue, golden, or green. This design will highlight your tan and make the look bold, yet charming.

IMPORTANT! To make a neat and beautiful French pedicure, make the band across the tip of the nail thin and steady.


The moon pedicure technique with the use of red color is one of the most elegant designs. These pretty red toenails suit women of any age and look great with jeans, a suit, or an evening dress. Red lunulas make for a great contrast with pastel colors, rhinestones, and minimalist pictures.

Color Combinations with Red

Many generations of designers have encountered difficulties with color combinations. It is truly a burning issue, but carefully picked colors for manicure and pedicure help to create a finished look.

The list of red pedicure ideas is endless. Red goes well with more than 70% of colors. However, the following three combinations are recognized as the best ones.

Black and Red

The red-and-black color scheme is stunning and truly a timeless classic. It is used in clothes, packaging, and architecture. Nail artists do not overlook this color duo either. Here are some ideas:

  • paint black patterns of figures against a red background;
  • create red-and-black pictures;
  • use these colors with various techniques: ombre, negative space, shattered glass, stamping.

White and Red

The red-and-white combination is less intense, but more delicate. These two colors complement each other and tone down the look. Choose a red-and-white design to your liking, but do not forget to keep it interesting with the help of rhinestones, beads, or confetti.

By the way, red and white make for a great base coat for 3D designs. Unfortunately, this option is possible only in warm weather.

Beige and Red

This is the softest and the most arguable duo. Professional designers recommend checking whether the colors are warm or cool to see if they go together well. Let’s look at an example: a cool shade of beige will look dusty and pale against warm crimson. You will hardly want to get a pedicure that looks like it’s 2-3 weeks old from the start. Be careful and use online color scheme generators to find a perfect color combination. In addition, do not forget about shiny decorative elements!

Matte Red Pedicure

It is impossible not to like matte nails. They produce a jaw-dropping effect. A velvety, elegant surface highlights rich shades of red. Add some glitter or pictures, or paint some nails with a glossy nail polish – and you are the talk of the town.

Negative Space Red Nails

Negative space nail art is a favorite of ladies who want to look natural while expressing their character. Professional nail artists can achieve stunning results, experimenting with various shapes and sizes. Another advantage is that there is no limit to the use of decorations, including pictures, stickers, confetti, rhinestones, and beads.

There are so many options for a red pedicure that you might be already craving to get it yourself. Do not hold back – go ahead and get a red pedi!

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