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Hair Static: Why It Happens and How to Get Rid of It


How to fight static hair? This is an especially frustrating issue in winter, when you take off your hat and often turn into a frizzy dandelion. Does that sound familiar? Then let’s look into the reasons for it and ways to get rid of static hair.

What Causes Static Hair?

Physics can give the answer. The main reason for frizziness is static electricity that builds up due to friction when your hair rubs against the hat, hood, scarf, the neck of a sweater and the collar of your coat. Hair gets staticky regardless of its length.

The degree of static hair depends on its health. The drier your hair is, the more it’s prone to frizziness: cuticles are not adhered to the hair shaft well and get caught on different surfaces more, which leads to the build up in static electricity.

Why does hair get more frizzy in winter? In cold weather, your hair is under more stress due to many factors.

  • Dry air outside. The lower the temperature, the lower the humidity. Plus, in colder temperatures, sebaceous glands produce less oil that coats hairs in a protective layer. When the temperature drops below -8°C, they stop producing it at all.
  • Dry air inside. Central heating, air conditioners, and radiators also affect the humidity, which, in its turn, takes its toll on your hair.
  • Sudden changes in temperature. Just one step takes you from freezing air outside into heated air inside. Your hair, just like your skin, is not a fan of it. It becomes thinner, more brittle and sensitive.
  • Wrong hair care routine. Due to weather conditions, in winter, the hair is more prone to damage. Your hair care routine in winter should be different, more thorough.
  • Hats. They are a staple winter accessory, but they make your hair go dull. Plus, synthetic materials only exacerbate frizziness, especially polar fleece, polyester, and acrylic.
  • Water and vitamin deficiency. In winter, our diet is often less rich in fresh vegetables and fruit, which also affects your hair.

How to Fight Static Hair: 12 Tips and Tricks

There are numerous tricks that can help you to get rid of hair static, all of them easy to follow at home.

1. Change your hair products

Even if your hair has always been normal or oily, it may be prudent to add products for dry hair to your collection of shampoos, rinses, conditioners, balms, and masks in winter. Such products provide additional moisture and nourishment to your hair, which is so important in cold weather.

2. Change your comb

It’s better to switch from a metallic or plastic comb to a wooden, silicone, or ebonite one.

3. Change your hair care routine

Wash your hair every other day, rinse it with lukewarm water and air dry it.

4. Get an ionic hair dryer

Ions with negative charge help to prevent hair static. However, it’s better to use a blow dryer as little as possible to avoid making your hair even drier.

5. Use heat protection

If you style your hair with heat, heat protection is a must, or your hair will come under a double attack. Styling with heat is truly not the best option for winter.

6. Use a gentler towel

Some experts warn that a rough towel can also harm the health of your hair. It’s better to replace your terry towel with a microfiber one.

7. Forget about bleaching

Bleaching is a very aggressive treatment that dries your hair out. Steer clear of coloring techniques that involve bleaching in winter.

8. Cut split ends

Get your ends cut regularly to avoid split hair, which weakens the hair and makes it drier.

9. Wear hats from natural fabrics

We have already mentioned that synthetic materials cause extreme frizziness. In winter, it’s best to stick to headwear from natural materials. This concerns not only hats, but also scarves, shawls, and sweaters.

10. Use anti-frizz hair products

Of course, the cosmetic industry has already come up with special products that help eliminate frizziness from shampoos and serums to oils and sprays. Add them to your collection.

11. Get an air humidifier

This device will increase moisture levels in the room, which will not only help your hair, but make you feel better in general.

12. Enrich your diet and drink more water

Eat more fruit, vegetables, nuts, and seafood and drink more water — at least 1-1.5 liters a day. Make sure to keep your hair healthy inside out.

A bonus tip. To prevent hair static, apply some hair spray to your comb and brush your hair.

How to Tame Frizzy Hair: 4 Quick Methods

What can you do to get rid of frizzy hair right now? There are several quick ways to do this.

  • Stroke your hair with wet hands.
  • Spray your hair with thermal water.
  • Rub some moisturizing cream between your palms and swipe them over the hair.
  • Try anti-frizz sheets for hair.

Hair Strengthening: 7 Salon Procedures

Strong and healthy strands do not get staticky if you use the tips above. To improve the health of your hair even more, you can get one of the following procedures in a hair salon.

  • Botox. The hair is treated with a special formula containing intra-silane.
  • Keratin recovery. This procedure uses a cocktail of 90% keratin and oils, proteins, plant extracts, and minerals.
  • Lamination. The strands are coated in product with vitamins and bioactive components and then sealed with a special formula.
  • Hair shielding. Nutrients are locked into hairs in the course of several procedures.
  • Glazing. The hair is coated in a protective layer consisting of moisturizing agents and ceramides.
  • Biorevitalization. Nutrients like hyaluronic acid, vitamins, and peptides are injected into the scalp in different ways depending on the client’s preferences.
  • Mesotherapy. It involves micro-injections of a tailored formula of nutrients into the scalp.

Now you know what causes hair static and how you can get rid of it yourself or in a salon. Follow these recommendations and forget about flyaways.

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