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Light Blue Pedicure

Light blue is the golden mean between deep and pastel colors. It's a sweet variant for both festive events and daily routine. This delicate shade can make your feet look adorable.

Single-Color Pedicure

A solid color pedicure is an old classic. This season, minimalism is the best solution for flawless nails. Light blue toenail polish will highlight your femininity and tenderness.

Light Blue Pedicure Design Ideas

Plenty of diverse nail art designs are trending in 2023. For example, floral and animalistic prints, geometric and abstract patterns are the heights of fashion. In addition, glitter, rhinestones, and mysterious mirror powders are the favourites of fashion lovers.


Adding glitter to your regular pedicure is a win-win option. Multicolored sequins and shiny confetti will work nicely both with a pedicure for a special occasion and a summer pedicure. Sequins can be applied to one or more nails. In addition, you can also decorate the lunulas and tips with them. This sky blue pedicure will sparkle in the sun in an exceptionally marvelous way.

Marble Effect

A marble effect looks dazzling and unique, especially applied to a splendid sky blue base combined with subtle white or beige shades. A marble pedicure is a perfect choice for a special occasion.


This pedicure is highly admired by romantic girls as it's a genuine model of femininity. Rhinestones can be scattered chaotically or be a part of a pattern. If you want your toenails to look chic, apply a couple of crystals to the lunulas. This pedicure will be appropriate both for daily and party looks.


A French pedicure has not lost its popularity at all. On the contrary, it has become more intriguing. Light blue tips of the nails look super cute, especially if you combine it with a transparent nail polish. In addition, the lunula can be accentuated with silver glitter or rhinestones.

Mirror Powder

Mirror powder goes nicely with different shades of blue. With the help of mirror powder, you can create a pearlescent or iridescent effect. This pedicure will add a sparkle to the evening gown and upgrade your daily outfit.

Geometric Nail Art

Geometric nails are perfect for fans of minimalism. A geometric pedicure is unpretentious, but refreshing. Nail artists use an enormous variety of shapes and lines.

Color Combinations

The palette of light blues is super versatile. Not only young girls, but also business ladies choose pastel blue pedicures featuring other colors. Let's consider the most stylish variants.

Light Blue and White

The white and light blue combo allows you to apply different nail art designs, for example, the sky, polka dots, a nautical print. Specialists recommend paying attention to a white and blue pedicure coupled with various techniques. They can make your toenails shimmering, velvety, or sparkling.

Light Blue and Silver

The light blue and silver duo always looks stunning, feminine, and chic. It is an excellent choice for everyday gatherings, parties, or special occasions. Light blue with silver is associated with winter, so, around Christmas time, you can have snowflakes or frost patterns made with silver nail polish.

Light Blue and Black

For more severe nail ideas, you can use a black shade. It's better to have dark accents on one or several nails, drawing whimsical patterns or geometric figures. Such a combination always looks elegant and prestigious.

It’s not always easy to find a perfect light blue pedicure that you would love at first sight. Use a convenient filter on our website to make it much easier to pick the right one. Choose to your heart's content!

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