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Green Pedicure

Green toenails are becoming more and more popular, in bright and pastel shades alike. A green pedi offers no shortage of hues, so you can create a perfect toenail design depending on your mood, and the season, or occasion. Our gallery has examples of a wide range of unique green toe nails by experienced nail technicians, and you can choose the best design for you.

Green Toenails: On-Trend Ideas

Flower Toe Nail Design

A dark green pedicure with flowers, buds, or elegant twisted branches can be mind-blowing. It's better to apply such a toenail design to big toenails and match the others with plain nail polish. Consider the following colors for a perfect match with green toe nail polish:

  • white
  • bright red
  • light blue
  • yellow
  • orange.

For a pop of color for your festive green toe nails, add some rhinestones or glitter.

Cat Eye Toe Nail Art

A vibrant and impressive cat eye pedicure can be created with the help of special nail polishes — which contain metallic pigments. When you move these metallic pigments with a small magnet, you get a pattern that looks like a cat's pupil. Cat eye toenails are elegant and glamorous. Plus, such a toenail design matches any outfit.

Solid Green Pedi

Solid toenails are still the height of fashion. Here are some of the most beautiful and glamourous shades:

  • emerald
  • olive
  • camouflage
  • mustard.

Pairing a plain pedicure with a matte finish is an intriguing option. You can alternate a matte topcoat with a glossy one, or breathe new life into a green French pedicure with lots of small changes. For example:

  • a matte base
  • glossy tips.


A green pedicure matches perfectly with gold or silver foil. You can create unique patterns on the nail plate with foil, which are as good as rhinestones or glitter for adding some sparkle.

Toenail Art Design with Rhinestones and Glitter

Sparkling rhinestones or glitter can jazz up your toenails. They come in a wide variety of different colors and sizes: clear, multicolored, tiny, and large. Glitter is ideal for creating green and yellow ombre toenails to complement your summer look.

You can combine green toenails with nail polishes of different colors. For example, cover your big toenail with green polish and the other toenails — with beautifully matching shades like black, gray, beige, white, or pink. Experiment with chrome powder, 3D acrylic charms, kami fubuki, or stickers!

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