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Pedicure with Glitter

Modern trends allow you to have a diversity of nail designs and look classy. Glitter toenails in 2023 are the good old classic with a new mood.

Delicate Glitter Pedicure

Nude colors or deep shades of blue, red, or purple will look genuinely elegant and feminine if you cover them with a translucent layer of glitter toe nail polish. In addition, glitter makes your toenails look shiny and sophisticated.

Another option is to apply a thick layer of glitter in combination with plain shades. For example, with the help of mint, iris, zirconia, and similar hues, you can create a soft, subtle sparkly pedicure. 

Pastel shades coupled with large sequins imitating polka dots will give your sparkly toenails a playful vibe.

Sparkling strips, ornaments, stamping (hearts, snowflakes, lightning, etc.) are still trending, so there is a great variety of designs to choose from!

Dark Glitter Pedicure

The main color does all the work in this combo. A truly dramatic effect can be achieved with the help of deep shades of blue, green, and red. For example, dark blue combined with glitter creates a kind of cosmic landscape on your toenails. The burgundy and pearl duo emphasizes passion. Moreover, a gradient pedicure done with any dark color complemented with glitter, sequins, or kami fubuki gives an unforgettable impression.

Pastel Glitter Pedicure

A pastel glitter pedicure looks exceptionally charming. Especially in view of modern nail trends that dictate exactly such muted and calm colors. Pistachio, pale pink, beige, faded rose, and lavender – these are top colors you must try.

Besides, it's up to you what to add (glitter, sequins, kami fubuki) to your pedicure to make your pedicure sparkle.

However, one should keep in mind that taking it too far with decoration is not preferable. All additional details should accentuate a soft mood and not contradict it.

Bright Glitter Pedicure

A bright glitter pedicure in 2023 has no restrictions. It suggests impressive contrasts and a diversity of colors. For example, you can have a colorful scattering of sequins or confetti imitating a rainbow, a flower meadow, or fireworks. Abstract, geometric, floral nail designs are also trendy.

You can play around with colors, covering each nail with a different shade and laying out a pattern of sequins on a big toe. Or you can also apply a matte top coat to a big toe and cover the rest of the nails with glitter polish on toes. Moreover, a pattern, a gradient, or a strip of multicolored sequins can add an interesting touch to your toe nails with glitter.

Matte Glitter Pedicure

A matte finish and glitter are a perfect match. Such a pedicure will be ideal for those who admire elegant, yet extravagant nail art.

Matte glitter pedicure designs of 2023 have something interesting to offer:

  • A big toe is covered with a matte polish, and the rest of the nails have a thick layer of glitter.
  • A spider web made with glitter and applied to the matte top coat.
  • A pattern, created with the help of kamifibuki or sequins.
  • A gradient that forms the transition from matte to bright glitter.
  • Lines and stripes laid out with sequins, rhinestones, bubbles of different sizes.
  • White pedicure.

A glitter pedicure offers an enormous variety of ideas you should try. It will rock any festive event. Plus, it will surely cheer you up. An experienced nail artist will help you to choose a suitable nail design and our task is to find a qualified specialist for you.

On our website, we showcase works of the best nail artists. Choose the one you like!

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