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How to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger with Makeup: 9 Tricks and 9 Common Mistakes


Even if you have naturally big eyes, this article can also be useful for you. Learn about ways to make your eyes more expressive. What makeup tricks can make your eyes look bigger? What are common mistakes and how to avoid them? We hit up a few professional makeup artists for tips and are ready to share them with you.

Makeup Artists’ Tricks to Make Eyes Look Bigger

More expressive eyes can be achieved with several manipulations that we can do ourselves. So, what are the tricks that will make our eyes appear bigger?

Take Care of Eyelids

Make sure to take good care of your eyelids. Swelling is a common problem that can bother us regardless of age. To get rid of bags under your eyes and make them look fresher, use special patches. If you don’t have them at hand, use ice cubes from distilled water or a chamomile concoction.

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Do Brow Makeup

Well-groomed, neatly styled eyebrows are always in. If you have naturally thick and dark eyebrows, all you need to do is to style them with gel. For fair eyebrows, you’ll need to work with a special pencil or shadow. Thick, slightly raised eyebrows will make your eyes appear bigger.

Use Concealer

Concealer helps to hide dark circles under your eyes that make you look tired and gloomy. Carefully blend concealer with gentle tapping movements. To enhance the effect, you can also use powder with light-reflecting particles.

Use White Kajal

Brightening your waterline with a white kajal will help you make your eyes visually bigger. Peach- or cream-colored kajal makes for a very natural and gentle look.

Go Lighter

Make your eyes feel larger by applying shimmery eyeshadow to the inner corner of the eyes. Light-colored eyeshadow also does the job. If you don’t have such products in your makeup arsenal, go for a highlighter. Apply some to the inner corner of the eye and gently blend it with a brush.

Wear Ombre Makeup

Ombre with its characteristic transitions from lighter shades in the inner corners to darker hues in the outer ones will also produce the effect of larger eyes.

Choose Mascara Right

Pick mascara with the lengthening effect and a silicone brush, but don’t take it too far — two layers will be enough.

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Wear Winged Eyeliner

Crisp thin winged eyeliner above the lash line makes the eyes appear bigger. Those of us who have small eyes should steer clear of thick lines that make the look heavier.

Don’t Shun Lash Curlers

Open up your eyes even more by curling and defining your eyelashes. If you don’t have time for manipulations with a curler, get eyelash extensions. A lash artist will help you select the volume and effect that will be it for your eyes.

Eye Shape Matters

  • Almond-shaped. Be careful not to take winged eyeliner too far, or else you can forget about a natural look.
  • Upturned. Light-colored eyeshadow applied to the inner corner helps to make the slant appear softer.
  • Round. To make your eyes appear elongated, go for the ombre effect with dark eyeshadow in the outer corner.
  • Hooded. This eye shape is the most challenging one for doing makeup. You need to work on the fold carefully, shadowing it with dark eyeshadow and drawing neat wings.
  • Close-set. It’s important to blend winged eyeliner well or draw wings with eyeshadow first.

9 Common Mistakes in Makeup to Make Eyes Bigger

What are our common mistakes in doing makeup in an attempt to make our eyes look bigger?

1. Painting the waterline with black pencil.

2. Drawing winged eyeliner at the lash line. It’s better to draw the wings slightly above the lash line to get the desired effect.

3. Using only dark eyeshadow. In case of some eye shapes, be careful with smoky eyes.

4. Wearing eye shadow that is the same color as your eyes. Let’s look at the best combinations:

  • for brown eyes: beige, khaki, matcha and moss green, purples
  • for green eyes: light gray and blue hues
  • for gray eyes: beiges and light blues
  • for blue eyes: dark gray and brown shades.

5. Using dark matte eyeshadow. It doesn’t reflect light, so it’s better to use shimmery pastel shades.

6. Wearing dark eyeshadow if we have deep-set eyes.

7. Not taking our eye shape into account when doing makeup.

8. Making the eyebrows thin.

9. Drawing thin wings without blending them.

Makeup for Bigger Eyes: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

The process of doing makeup to get visually bigger eyes differs depending on whether you’re doing day or night makeup.

Day makeup is all about natural and pastel shades, while night makeup calls for bright, saturated colors.

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Here’s a step-by-step tutorial for you.

  • Apply eyeshadow primer. To prevent eyeshadow from falling off and to make your makeup last longer, always use a primer. Apply a small amount of the product to your eyelids. For more even blending, apply powder or nude eyeshadow.
  • Make the outer corners darker. Use a round brush to blend the eyeshadow in the outer corner. Blend thoroughly in the direction of the temples. Use the same shade on the lower eyelid, gradually making the color brighter. This will help to conceal hooded eyes and give your makeup a neat look.
  • Blend the borders. This is where you’ll need eyeshadow colors that are in between your skin color and the dark eyeshadow you used before. Carefully blend the borders between the colors. For a softer, smoky effect, use a puffy brush from natural hair. Use the same brush on the lower eyelid.
  • Do highlights. To make your eyes more open and expressive, apply shimmery eyeshadow to the middle part of the upper eyelid. You’ll also get visually larger eyes if you apply light-colored eyeshadow to the inner corner. Don’t forget to blend everything to avoid sharp transitions.
  • Brighten the waterline. Take a sharp white or light-colored eye pencil and highlight the waterline with it. Don’t forget to sharpen it before every use. This is an important step that will keep your waterline healthy and safe.
  • Apply mascara. Thoroughly paint your eyelashes from roots to tips with mascara with a lengthening effect. For an evening look, you can add a couple of fake lash bunches to the outer corner of the upper eyelid.

When the makeup is done, your eyes are transformed, appearing bigger and more expressive. Naturally, you should use high-quality makeup products and a well-picked foundation.

A tip. Don’t shy away from experiments with bright eye pencils or highlighter. Try playing with blue, orange, and purple hues, if they suit you.

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Carefully chosen colors in eye makeup and tricks from makeup artists will help you make your eyes appear bigger. Check out our photo gallery and get inspired by the best work by makeup artists from all over the world!

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