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Purple Pedicure

Purple toenails are all about loveliness, style, and elegance. This deep saturated color is glamorous and mesmerizing itself, so there is no need for additional decorative elements. However, if you want to try something new, you can consider popular design elements in the form of different patterns, stickers, rhinestones, glitter, or foil. Let’s look at our selection of creative ideas with purple toe nail polish by professional nail artists from all over the world. Feel free to draw some inspiration from the photo gallery on our website.

Purple pedicure With Design

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Design ideas for purple toenails

A purple pedicure is a perfect alternative to traditional toenail designs. There are various shades of purple that can be used as the main nail polish application:


  • fuchsia;
  • eggplant;
  • magenta;
  • lavender;
  • amethyst.

Generally, the choice of patterns depends on personal preferences, style of clothing and season of the year.


Flowers, leaves, lace patterns, animal pictures, abstract patterns are among the most popular ideas used in combination with purple nail polish on toes. Nail art can be performed with a brush, stamping or ready-made stickers.

Colorful animal prints

Animal prints are very popular with adventurous fashionistas. Tiger, which is the symbol of 2023, leopard, zebra, snake prints are extremely trendy. To create a colorful pedicure pattern, bright nail polish is used: purple, orange, dark blue, etc.

Geometric patterns

Geometric patterns can be drawn with a brush or laid out with metallic strips. You are sure to have a creative, glamorous, and edgy pedicure.


Contrasting rhinestones in white, blue, yellow, light pink colors look beautiful on a purple base. You can use decorative stones in the form of a half moon, lay out a beautiful pattern or glue a single large element in the center of the nail. As a rule, rhinestones are placed on the big toe.


Glitter polish is a great top coat for creating a magnificent shining effect. Another option for a shimmering design is to emphasize the ‘smile’ line in a purple French design along the free edge of the nail. Golden, silvery, or multi-colored glitter can be beautifully combined with a purple base.


With the help of a foil scattering or a film paper, nail artists can create unique and peculiar patterns. Foil is used for a shattered glass effect, which is also considered to be a much-loved pedicure design.

Purple pedicure without decorations

Purple toe nail polish is a perfect choice as it goes well with many shades - from bright combinations of green and orange to nude tones. For a bright summer look, you can paint your toenails with contrasting colors, using a combination of purple with such bright colors as:

  • bright yellow;
  • orange;
  • green; 
  • blue.

You can opt for a neutral color scheme, where pastel shades of purple are predominant. Such a design is appropriate both for business meetings and big parties. Matte purple toe nails are particularly impressive without any extra accessories. A delicate velvety purple pedicure catches everyone’s eyes and looks fancy and elegant. To make the design more fun, you can apply glossy purple toenail polish on two or three fingers.

The on-trend ombre technique helps to accentuate different shades of purple as the color gets stretched from the lightest to the darkest shades. Mirror powder rubbed in your nails is appropriate in a festive look. It can be applied to all or only several toenails - either option is great.

Purple toenails rank high when it comes to fashion trends of 2022-2023. A variety of design ideas allows you to experiment with both casual and festive outfits as well as look stunning and fabulous in any situation.

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