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Nude Pedicure

A nude pedicure is undoubtedly the trendiest one. The reason for that is that it's easy to wear and style.

However, nude is not just plain hues. Nail trends for 2023 allow you to do your pedicure in plenty of ways starting from elegant and classy and ending with extravagant and bold.

Solid Color Nude Pedicure

At first sight, a nude color pedicure seems an effortless option. But one should remember that before getting your nails done, make sure that cuticles and the nails are in perfect condition. You need to pay special attention to the free edge of the nail, as nude pedicures highlight all the flaws. 

After finishing all the necessary preparations, it's time to paint your toenails. 

Modern trends do not limit fashion lovers in colors and shades. Moreover, nude pedicures of 2023 suggest pastel hues of green (mint, mojito, etc.), yellow (honey, saffron, champagne), and lilac (pink lavender, iris, orchid). 

It means that you can forget about familiar nude beige or nude pink pedicures and choose brighter colors. 

If you want something fresher and more expressive, you can turn a nude pedicure into a French one. Feel free to experiment. Make the tips of the nails white or choose a color that will contrast with the base coat. You could also use rhinestones, thin stripes emphasizing the tips, and many, many other things.

Design Ideas

As a nude pedicure is done with neutral colors, it allows you to apply any design you like.


With the help of glitter, you can create both classical and unusual nail designs. A simple nude pedicure requires only applying a clear top coat with glitter on a pastel base. It will add a sparkle to the whole look. 

If you're on the daring side, decorate your big toe with a thick layer of glitter. It is preferable to choose glitter of the same hue as the base. Thus, the design won't look vulgar but emphasize delicacy and femininity.


A nude pedicure goes nicely with nail art, but it is vital not to be too excessive with it. That's why elegant designs, such as mehndi, monograms, or lace, would be a perfect choice. In addition, the watercolor technique will also make your toenails more fun.


Nude colors and rhinestones are a knockout combo. Sparkling crystals will jazz up your nails and make them lively.

Gems come in all shapes, sizes and colors, so you can create unique crystal nail art. For example, one large rhinestone can be surrounded by smaller ones forming a flower, star, snowflake, etc. Or you can lay out elegant strips imitating the Milky Way.

Geometric Patterns

Geometric toenails are a trend that’s topping the charts. A nude pedicure with geometric accents (stripes, checks, rhombuses, polka dots, etc.) will make your look intriguing.

However, you should bear in mind that geometric patterns should contrast with the main color of the nails, or the pedicure will look blurry.

Spider Web

Spider web nail art will make your nude pedicure extremely funky. You can apply it to the whole surface of the nail or decorate the nail corner with it. Plus, a rhinestone imitating a drop of dew on the cobweb will add a kind of a romantic vibe.

But today, a spider web stands for a nail art technique that implies creating subtle lines intersecting with each other. Moreover, other decorations like sequins, rhinestones, bubbles, and foil will add a bright accent to your toenails.

Chrome Powder

Nude toenails are super simple and elegant as they can blend in with any look. By adding the chrome effect to your pedicure, you will be able to achieve a fabulous result. Moreover, chrome powder creates an eye-catching effect: mirror, pearl, etc.

A nude pedicure for many has always been the ideal option. What makes nude nail designs so exceptional is the fact that they provide the wearer with a blank canvas to work with: you can add flowers, stripes, your favorite colors, and everything in between. A qualified nail artist will help you to choose your best pedicure. is a perfect place for you to find your nail artist. Choose nude pedicure designs to your liking and let your feet be gorgeous at all times.

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