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Solid Color Pedicure

Single-color pedicure designs keep gaining popularity. And it's not surprising as a monochrome pedicure is a classic, yet simple option that doesn't call for extra embellishment to look complete.

Trendy pedicure design ideas

Eccentric toenail designs with voluminous acrylic molding have already gone out of style. However, one-color toenails still remain one of the most popular pedicure designs. It's up to you to decide which colors — classic calm or bright — will be your choice.


Use large rhinestones in combination with a scattering of small ones on a big toe nail. You can create an intricate pattern with rhinestones or choose a minimalist design. Small single artificial stones can be used to adorn one or all toenails.

Chrome powder

On trend pedicure designs of this year are inconceivable without chrome powder. Nail artists apply it to big toe nails as an accent or use this technique to adorn all nails.

Gentle gradient

Gradient is an interesting and trendy technique in which one color fades into another. Such a color accent on big toe nails can diversify any monochrome pedicure.


A one-color pedicure can be decorated with small stickers covered with top gel polish. Such a design is no less beautiful than a design with freehand paintings. The variety of stickers allows you to create almost any unique design.

Geometric patterns

Geometric patterns have been in demand for several seasons already. Sharp shapes look better off on a single-color base. Rhombuses, zigzags, stripes, and triangles are made with gel polish or thin foil strips.


Glitter design is suitable for any occasion. Glitter and shimmer can serve to achieve a voluminous effect. Make a shiny accent on the nails of the big toes and cover the rest of the nails with gel polish to match the glitter coat.


Neon is considered to be the most daring color option among all pedicure designs. Go for vibrant colors to bring out your dark or tanned skin. Acid lemon, electric blue, light green, green, bright pink — the choice of colors is incredibly vast.

Matte monochrome pedicure

A matte pedicure is another hot fashion toenail design option. Feel free to experiment to find colors that suit you best, and enhance your pedicure with the matte texture.

Feel free to try different techniques and textures of coatings, and adorn a one-color pedicure with a unique design. Don't forget to check out the latest nail design ideas in the photo gallery on our website.


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