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Chrome Pedicure

Chrome toenails can be paired with casual and festive outfits alike. Plus, this toenail design will make your look unique and eye-catching. It's chrome powder that makes your pedi dazzling and impressive. Check out beautiful chrome pedicure ideas by experienced nail artists in our gallery and choose the best one for you!

Chrome powder is fine crystal powder made of polymer pigment. Applied to the nail plate, it shimmers like a mirror. A special sponge is used to apply chrome powder to the top coat.

A gleaming pigment is a must-have for creating an unusual toenail design. If you match a base color and sparkling chrome powder beautifully, you'll get mind-blowing holographic toenails. That's why light pearlescent powder is well-loved by modern fashion enthusiasts and is used in manis and pedis alike.

On-Trend Chrome Pedicure Design Ideas


Chrome powder and rhinestones are perfect for creating a festive look. If you're into simple and modest outfits, apply the pigment and crystals to your big toenails, and you'll surprise everyone with a splendid mirror effect. Cover the rest of the toenails with a subdued shade. As a result, you'll get a fun, yet natural look that meets all standards of modern nail art.

Broken Glass Effect

Chrome toenails paired with a broken glass toenail design is a super fresh option. Choose powder in saturated shades as a base, such as:

  • dark blue;
  • purple;
  • dark red.

You can also create a pedicure with the shattered glass effect using kami fubuki. Decorate only big toenails to avoid making your toenails look flashy.


A white chrome pedicure with delicate lace toenail art is just the ticket for a wedding look. Flowers, butterflies, birds, and geometric patterns look marvelous on a shimmering mirror base.

Glossy and Matte Top Coats

Pairing glossy chrome toenails with a matte finish is another intriguing option that looks unconventional.

Chrome toenails look jaw-dropping on their own, without extra decorative elements. There are many varieties of a chrome pedicure, such as solid, colorful, contrasting, matte, glitter French, and delicate moon toenail designs that can jazz up your style.

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