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Pedicure with Rhinestones

Want to add a sparkle to your look? Here’s a simple way: toe nail designs with rhinestones. To prove that this nail art design does not lack originality, let’s look at several design ideas involving rhinestones.

Solid-Color Caviar Beads pedicure for women

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Color Combinations in Rhinestone Pedicure

A rhinestone toe design is, perhaps, the most versatile design option that lets your imagination run wild. Rhinestones are especially popular in the spring/summer period, when open-toe shoes draw attention to sparkling toenails.

There is a wide choice of toenails with rhinestones. The variety of rhinestones is also huge:

  • crystals of various colors, sizes, shapes, and types. They can be made from glass, plastic, acrylic or other types of synthetic resin.
  • Swarovski rhinestones;
  • crystal beads;
  • imitation pearls;
  • pixie crystals.

In 2023, toe nail art with rhinestones is a celebration of elegance. Minimalism has not gone out of style, even when it comes to sophisticated nail art design. Professionals recommend decorating no more than half of the nail with rhinestones. Do not forget that decorations should highlight the main color, not upstage it.


A white topcoat is a favorite of ladies of all ages. Glossy coats accentuate the softness of the skin and help avoid bulkiness in the design, even when it features many large rhinestones. For example, you can go for a beautiful white French pedicure coupled with geometry and glitter of different sizes.

A matte base is a perfect background for crystals, glitter, confetti, and pictures. The contrast will accentuate the beauty of the chosen decorations. However, remember to polish the nails carefully. The slightest defects will be clearly seen, making the pedicure look messy.


A black coat is a great canvas for experiments. It goes perfectly with crystals and beads of all colors. Try laying out a pattern from stones of various sizes and shapes, fill the lunula or outline the tip, make a gradient – the list of options goes on. In any case, the result will be a beautiful pedicure with rhinestones.

Do you want to feel like a jeweler and create a luxurious accessory? Try a mix of a matte black nail polish and sparkly imitation gemstones. This combination will appeal to everyone.

Dark Blue

Sapphire shades are deep and rich, so choose additional colors with care. Blue topcoats can be paired with only several other colors, so it is advisable to use white, silver, golden, crimson, or purple rhinestones.

Vivid neon blue shades are perfect for experiments. Try out a trending design: a pedicure with rhinestones on the thumbnail. You can lay out a butterfly, a flower, a dragonfly, or another picture. We are convinced that you will be happy with such a nail design.

Light Blue

The colors of the sky and sea are on-trend in summer. Imitation gemstones will make your nail design special. Light blue shades can be used as a stand-alone color of the base or in combination with suitable shades, if you want to get a gradient, for example.

As for the color of rhinestones – take care. White and silvery stones look dull against a light background. Better opt for brighter ones.


The first thing that comes to mind when we think about green color and sparkles is dew. Green looks perfect in the company of rhinestones. It doesn’t matter which hue you use: deep emerald or brilliant neon – the result will be eye-catching and stylish. Feel free to experiment with the color and shape of rhinestones to achieve the desired result.

The only limitation concerns the age of a woman. Mild shades of green are acceptable both on teenagers and grown-up women, while neon green looks good only on toenails of adventurous young girls.


A glossy or matte red coat adorned with rhinestones is another design to look out for this year. The colors of corals, berries, and wine make for an ideal background for pictures and geometric patterns from stones. The combination of red color and rhinestones also looks great in a French or moon pedicure.

Red toenails with rhinestones suit an everyday look. To make the design more interesting, think of adding other shades or unusual floral patterns.


A pink topcoat for toenails is always in! Pink color is seen as romantic and feminine. With the help of a carefully picked hue, you can create either a striking or an elegant and laid-back look.

A solid pink design might look a bit dull. Caviar beads and crystals of unusual shape will make a pedicure much livelier. Rhinestones or colorful pixie crystals, geometric patterns or pictures are a perfect addition to a French pedicure.


Adorning purple toenails with imitation gemstones is a perfect way to create a seamless look. Let’s see why.

Although purple is a rich color on its own, it is still possible to make it even richer. The aim is to express our personality. This is why we use all types of decorative ‘weapons’ – crystal beads, imitation pearls, multifaceted crystals, and tiny cabochons. Such elements go well with simple nail designs as well as with ombre or a French pedicure.


Nude or pinkish beige nail art is peak elegance. It is a perfect background for stones of any color. Even a beginner can achieve stunning results with nude colors.

Plus, a nude pedicure suits any look and any age. So feel free to combine matte and glossy topcoats with rhinestones, crystals, cabochons, or beads. Use them to outline the lunula or the tip of the nail, lay out pictures, etc. You can’t go wrong with a nude pedicure.


A sunny color scheme puts people in a cheerful mood. The combination of yellow color with shiny rhinestones makes for a luxurious look. Here are some original ideas:

  • stickers adorned with caviar or other beads;
  • 3D images on a yellow background, embellished with rhinestones or pixie crystals;
  • a French pedicure made with glitter;
  • geometric patterns highlighted with colorful stones.


Rich maroon color looks impressive on toenails. This color will only benefit from shiny silvery, white, golden, blue, or purple stones. Green and brown crystals against a maroon background look pathetic and black makes the look too gloomy, so pay attention to the color scheme.

French Pedicure with Rhinestones

A French pedicure might seem simple. However, do not be afraid to use your imagination to give a twist to this classic design.

Outlining the white tip with rhinestones is currently on trend. A thin line of imitation gemstones will make the pedicure richer and add a special charm to it.

However, there are much more interesting ideas out there:

  • Outline the rim of the nail with crystals.
  • Decorate a third of the nail with pixie crystals.
  • Lay out a small pattern with crystals.
  • Choose an unusual shape for the band across the tip of the nail.
  • Use colorful or contrasting stones.

These ideas will help you make a classic French pedicure fresh and original. Try this out – you will definitely like it!

Bright Pedicure with Rhinestones

Fans of fresh, rich, and neon colors will lose their mind over what crystal producers have to offer. All brands have added stones of bright, strong shades to their product range: deep green, rich crimson, juicy orange, etc.

Rhinestones can turn even a nude pedicure into a jaw-dropping neon design. Orderly patterns are not a must. You can go for chaotic placement or mix stones of different colors and sizes – it’s entirely up to you. However, try not to go too far and avoid gaudiness.

Toe nail designs with rhinestones are undoubtedly beautiful. Try to think out of the box and invent your own exciting design. There is a sea of options!

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