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Best Lash Extensions for Hooded Eyes: How to Choose the Right Bend and Effect?


Hooded eyes can be rather hard to deal with. Mascara gets smudged on the hooded eyelids, your eyes look heavy and ‘tired’ and seem deep-set. Drawing attention away from this feature can be achieved with the help of eyelash extensions that will veil your hooded lids. However, it is important to pick the right effect, bend, and length to avoid the opposite effect. Let’s find out what lash extensions are perfect for hooded eyes.

What You Need to Know

The key to getting perfect eyelash extensions is choosing a professional lash specialist. What your eyes will look like after the procedure depends entirely on their skills and experience.

Pros of lash extensions on hooded eyes:

  • help to get rid of the ‘tired’ look
  • tweak the shape of your eyes
  • make your lashes look well-groomed
  • rule out mascara that always gets smudged on the hooded lids
  • make your eyelashes thick and lush
  • jazz up your look if you add some colorful lashes.

A lash specialist’s task is to choose the right shape, bend, length, and effect of extensions taking into account your facial features and eye shape.

наращивание ресниц

What a lash specialist should take notice of:

1. The shape of your hooded eyelids

The skin fold can be horizontal or angled, conceal the moving eyelid fully or partially.

2. The symmetry of the hooded lids

If they are not identical, it’s best to choose different parameters of extensions for each eye to achieve more symmetry while hiding the hooded lids.

3. How deep-set the eyes are

Hooded eyes are often also deep-set, which complicates things. In this case, a lash specialist should carefully assess how long the extensions should be across the lash line.

Choosing the Bend

The bend, or curl of eyelash extensions is the key factor in adjusting the shape of the eye. To get a natural and pretty look, a lash specialist takes into account several aspects.

For Deep-Set Eyes

The B or D bends work the best. The first one is all about smooth lines while the second one creates a more expressive look. Both of them open up the eyes.

Eyelash extensions with the D bend

For Non-Prominent Hooded Lids

The C-curl is a go-to option. Such extensions offer a medium bend, highlight your natural features, and slightly open up the eyes. This curl also makes for a long-lasting effect.

For Monolid Eyes

The best option for monolid eyes is lash extensions with an L or L+ curl. Fake lashes bend at almost 90 degrees, fully covering the hooded lids. The L+ curl is believed to last longer as such lashes are attached to the base of your natural lashes more firmly.

Sometimes, lash specialists combine lashes with different curls, for example, placing those with the D-bend only on the outer corner of the eye and using fake lashes that start bending a couple of millimetres away from the base for the rest of the lash line. If your eyelashes are naturally curled, the bend of the fake ones should be less severe.

A tip. If you have hooded, but not monolid eyes, and wear glasses, L and L+ bends are also a good choice for you.

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Choosing the Volume

What volumes are there? Lash extensions come in such volumes as 2D, 3D, 4D and even greater. For hooded eyes, the volume should be at least 3D, but the idea that the more volume the better doesn’t work. Too puffy eyelashes will kill your natural look, while the 2D volume won’t be enough to conceal hooded lids.



Important! Volume is about the density of lashes, not their thickness. Thick lashes will only make the eyes look heavier without solving the main task.

Choosing the Effect

Choosing the bend and volume was the easier part. Now, playing with the effect takes much more time. For hooded eyes, lash specialists sometimes combine several effects.

Fox Eyes

To achieve this effect, a lash maker uses lashes of different lengths, from short in the inner corner to long in the outer corner of the eye. This type is best-suited for round or close-set eyes. Such an effect visually elongates and brightens the eyes.

Squirrel Eyes

The squirrel effect is made thanks to a sudden change in length from shorter lashes to longer ones in the outer corner, creating a sort of a tuft. This effect may be interesting for those of us who have downturned eyes as the ‘tufts’ will visually raise them.

Cat Eyes

Thanks to a gradual increase in length and creating the appearance of upturned eyes, this effect combines the features of both fox and squirrel eyes, making the eyes more open and expressive.

Doll Eyes

The characteristic feature of this effect is the same length of lashes along the entire lash line, possibly, with only somewhat shorter lashes in the corners. This option works great on monolid eyes, either close- or wide-set.

Butterfly Effect

The butterfly effect is achieved with the help of using extra thin lashes. The gradual increase in length makes it similar to the fox-eye effect. The difference can be seen in the final result, as eyelash movements resemble the fluttering of butterfly wings.

Radiant Effect

The radiant, or sparse effect helps to conceal hooded eyelids with the help of adding to one of the above-mentioned effects several longer, more prominent lashes. These hairs can be up to three millimetres longer than the rest of the eyelashes, which makes for a natural look.

Don'ts of Eyelash Extensions for Hooded Eyes

Be careful not to bring out other features you wouldn’t want to highlight while attempting to conceal hooded eyelids with eyelash extensions.

  • Don’t choose a prominent curl if you have slightly protruding eyes.
  • The doll-eye effect is a no if your eyes are round and downturned, with angled hooded eyelids.
  • Steer clear of the fox-eye effect if you have monolid eyes or prominent hooded eyelids.
  • Don’t get the most natural-looking eyelash extensions that are only slightly longer than your natural lashes.

Lash Specialists’ Tips for Hooded Eyelids

When choosing extensions for a client, lash makers recommend paying attention to the following aspects:

  • On average, natural eyelashes are 7-9mm long, so fake lashes for hooded eyes should be at least 10-12mm long.
  • Fake lashes with a severe curl should be 1-2mm shorter than those with a softer one.
  • The preferable thickness of extensions should be 0.06-0.1mm.
  • If you plan to add extensions to bottom lashes, fake lashes should be up to 7mm long and as thin as possible.


To make your extensions last longer and put off your next visit to a lash specialist, follow simple aftercare rules:

  • Be careful with your extensions and your eyes (don’t rub your eyes or wash them with a lot of water).
  • Regularly brush the eyelashes.
  • Use water-based skincare products.

наращенные ресницы


Contraindications to eyelash extensions are the same for anyone:

  • inflammatory eye diseases
  • increased eye sensitivity
  • allergies to materials used in the procedure.

Important! Your lash specialist should check your sensitivity to the products they use. It’s rare, but some people are allergic to eyelash extension glue.

If you keep in mind the tips and recommendations we have discussed, you will not just conceal your hooded eyelids, but make your eyes more open and expressive.

Check out photos of eyelash extensions in our gallery.

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