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White and Silver Pedicure

You don't need a special occasion for a white pedicure. It always looks royally luxurious, bringing out the grace of women's feet. You can make your white and silver pedicure either casual or festive, making it an essential detail of your outfit for an important occasion.

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White and Silver Pedicure Design Ideas

If you want to demonstrate an impeccable sense of taste, elegance, sweetness, originality or any other traits, feel free to go for a white and silver toenail design. There are plenty of pedicure designs to satisfy any mood and complement any style.

Chrome Powder

A glossy metallic effect complements the white toenails design perfectly. Chrome powder can mirror the silver shade of the main coating, or create colorful red, blue, and gold accents.


Silver glitter is a perfect decorative element when it comes to adorning pictures or creating trendy pedicure designs. For the former, a small silver detail is enough to make a flower picture more prominent and to outline the edges of a geometric picture or pattern. As for the latter, the big toes are highlighted with glitter and the rest of the toenails are covered with solid white color.


Combinations of silver and white can make the simplest detail sophisticated. Pictures of butterflies, flowers, or simple geometric shapes painted with silver toenail polish on a white base, look more vivid.


Silver foil decorative elements can adorn one toenail, completely covering it, or create marble stains, animalistic prints, or irregular blotches on all toenails.


A white pedicure, accentuated by the shine of silver rhinestones, looks undeniably gorgeous. It’s enough to make an arc along the tip of the toenail with small rhinestones or to add silver to the core of the flower to turn a simple pedicure design into an incredibly elegant one.

Check out a wide variety of white and silver pedicure design ideas in the photo gallery on our website. Here you can find a lot of inspiring examples and find contacts of top-notch nail artists from all over the world near you and book an appointment with the best specialist near you.


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