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Bright Pedicure

It's impossible to imagine a fashionable summer look without a bright pedicure. If you keep up with the fashion and like to pamper yourself, join us on our journey into the world of bright toe nail colors!

Bright Solid Color Pedicure 

Single-color nails are a timeless classic. The most popular bright pedicure colors are:

  • juicy shades of ripe cherry, fuchsia, lemon, orange, fresh lime;
  • deep hues of scarlet, blue, purple, mint;
  • neon green, pink, blue in all the variety of undertones.  

Add a touch of boldness to a solid color pedicure. For example, decorate your bright color toe nails with a small number of rhinestones, glitter, foil strips, and confetti. Bear in mind that feet must be carefully maintained. A bright color pedicure always draws attention. Therefore, get rid of hangnails, calluses, and overgrown cuticles.

By the way, matte top coats combined with bright colors are as good as glossy ones. A velvety finish looks marvelous and keeps the color's richness for a long time.

Bright Summer Toe Nails

Perhaps to some people, the abundance of colors may seem tasteless, but summer is the time of the year when we want brightness, fun, and excitement. Try the highlight of the season - bright summer pedicures in lush colors, for instance:

  • geometric nails done with contrasting shades without smooth transitions;
  • colorful neon French nails;
  • rainbow gradient or stained glass nail art;
  • abstract nail designs with the addition of shades of anthracite, snow;
  • seashore or flower fields nail art;
  • animal, floral prints in the form of multicolored butterflies, fruit slices;
  • stickers with funny little animals, cartoon characters in rich colors.

You can have bright summer toes in any season. Just choose a design that matches your mood and add a small amount of shiny stuff. But don't be overly excessive with decorations. Juicy colors do their job perfectly well on their own.

Bright Pedicure Trending Colors

The color palette is stunning this year. Here are some of the most common colors:

  • shades of red, such as lingonberry, ruby, crimson, wine, fuchsia;
  • rich yellow tones like banana, mango, pumpkin, pineapple;
  • the entire range of green neon undertones, including lettuce, menthol;
  • hues of blue and blue-violet.

Feel free to add bold shades to your bright toenails. Almost all colors can be combined wonderfully with everyday looks. Don't forget to add two essential details that match your bright toe nail polish.

a piece of clothing or a catchy accessory in one of the colors of the pedicure. For example, a scarf, a headband, a clutch, a pandora-style bracelet, an authentic pendant, earrings.

a gorgeous manicure in the same colors.

Don't be afraid to experiment! It will refresh your look and get you in the mood even on rainy mornings.

Colorful Toe Nail Designs

If you want to be aware of all the fashion nuances, let us tell you about the leading trends in nail design.

Get down to the big toenail. Experimenting with length is no longer trendy. The medium one is more relevant. Plus, the nail shape must be flat across. Another thing you need to keep in mind is that the rest of the nail design should complement the design of the big one and not steal the show. For that, you may consider such options as one color, gradient, ombre. In any case, a pedicure must look balanced, not gaudy.

However, beautiful colors alone will not satisfy our needs, so let's take a look at some relevant design techniques.


Crystals are true ‘friends’ of all women. Even a single rhinestone strip can upgrade a glossy finish dramatically. Gems can be laid out in the form of geometric shapes, a chaotic scattering, or a pattern. In addition, rhinestones look amazing in combination with stickers or paintings, or you could apply them to the lunula or the tips of the nails.


Ombre is a gradient created by a smooth blending of colors from light to dark or vice versa. This technique is super stunning, but it's better to combine bright shades with pastel, for example, fuchsia and pink, blue and light blue. You can also use monochrome colors like black, white, and gray.


It's impossible to imagine a summer pedicure without pictures. Especially since the big toenail is a canvas for artistic painting, there are no restrictions. You can choose anything to your liking, for instance, abstract, geometric, floral nail art, landscapes, lace, various patterns, fruit, funny inscriptions, graffiti.

Mosaic Nail Art

This authentic design resembles stained glass, but instead of glass, complementary colors, rhinestones, foil, kami fubuki, stripe tape, and stickers are used. Your bright colored toenails will turn out extraordinarily stylish due to the borders. These are lines made in a contrasting color (white, black, gold, silver) and separating one element from another.


A balanced, yet bright pedicure will highlight your elegance and flair. Choose your bright toe nail colors carefully and be perfect from top to toe!


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