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Orange Pedicure

Orange toenails are traditionally considered a perfect option for spring and summer. However, if you choose the right toenail design, feel free to sport an orange pedicure in any season.

Popular Toenail Designs

There's a great variety of designs with orange toe nail polish. The most popular are the following: 


Foil can turn your pedi into a masterpiece: gold and bronze foil pieces will highlight a warm-colored coating; silver foil will make orange toenails look modest yet chic. 

As for the design, complement geometric toenails by foil to jazz up your look. In addition, you can use foil to create marble toenail art or a leopard print.


Shimmering rhinestones laid out in an intricate or chaotic way are a brilliant option. 

Such a pedicure looks both majestic and bold. Paint your toe nails orange and adorn them with sparkling gems - and you are bound to steal the show.


Orange painted toenails go well with any nail art, for example, geometric shapes, polka dots, butterflies, or exquisite patterns. Such a pedicure may be single-color, multicolor, or even decorated with rhinestones, foil, and glitter.

Matte and glossy

The same pedicure art can look completely different depending on whether it's glossy or matte. Matte top coats make the color less saturated, while glossy ones make it brighter. In addition, matte polish is preferable for a winter pedicure, and a glossy finish is perfect for summer toenail designs.

Color combinations

Orange works well with contrasting colors. Combinations of black and orange, carrot orange and white look impressive. Plus, if you give your toenails orange color and add a touch of contrast, you'll achieve a truly amazing effect. For example, a warm-colored coating combined with cold shimmering diamonds will make for mysterious vibes.

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