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Burgundy Pedicure

Some believe that burgundy pedicures are too provocative. However, this is not entirely true. Just choose the right shade of burgundy and an appropriate toenail design – the result will be marvelous. Check out the collection of exquisite burgundy pedicure designs on, where you can find works by nail artists based near you.

Burgundy Pedicure Designs

It is hard to find a color that is as deep and elegant as burgundy. This is why burgundy often ‘goes solo’. A single-color pedicure is appropriate for an everyday or party look. As for more complex designs, burgundy looks great as part of a French or ombre toenail design, in combination with rhinestones, images, and geometric patterns.


Nail artists offer several variations of a French pedicure. For example, they can use burgundy as the base color and paint a contrasting vertical line that will make the nail visually longer. Another option is to paint the characteristic ‘smile’ with burgundy on a light base color.


Rhinestones on burgundy are perfect for a party look. In 2023, nail artists do not limit themselves to silver rhinestones, but also use red, blue, and gold ones. Intricate patterns from rhinestones look perfect on big toes.


The ombre technique means that one color gradually transitions to another one. Burgundy can fade into a similar shade or into black. It is not advised to combine this pedicure technique with accessories, as they will steal the limelight from ombre.

Geometric Patterns

Geometric toenail designs are always on point, especially when it comes to vivid nail polish colors. Be careful not to overdo this. You can paint a couple of stripes on the thumbnail and highlight them with glitter or get a combination of circles, squares, or rectangles. This pedicure design will look unusual and classy.


There is a wide choice of pictures that can be put on nails. Images that are trending in 2023 include bows, flowers, and glasses of wine. They can be applied as stickers or painted by hand. You might have already guessed that a picture should be only on the thumbnail.

Matte or Glossy Burgundy Pedicure

A velvety texture gives more depth and brightness to a pedicure. To achieve a more moderate effect, you can use shiny decorations or combine burgundy with a lighter color. A glossy nail polish is a classic option in pedicure designs. If you strive for more originality, you can combine two types of nail polish.

Color Combinations with Burgundy

It is difficult to find a good color to go with burgundy. This color tolerates only several other shades, including white, black, silver, and gold. Other color combinations with burgundy are possible, but less popular.

With Silver

Silver is not a vibrant color, which is why it’s a perfect match for bright colors. To create a fresh look, add a silvery image, rhinestones, or glitter to your toenail design. This is a great option for spring and summer pedicures.

With Gold

Burgundy and gold fit together perfectly. Such a toenail design looks expensive and eye-catching. To enrich the look, add matching rhinestones or glitter to a pedicure.

With Black

Nothing can beat a burgundy-and-black ombre pedicure. Several toenails can be painted plain black. If you want to go with a black picture, make sure that it is not lost on a dark background.

With White

Burgundy and white are another great color duo. A nail artist can either apply white elements on a burgundy background or paint several toenails with white.

Keep in mind that it is better not to add too many decorations in a burgundy pedicure. Better go for a simpler look.

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