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Beige Pedicure

Beige is a neutral color and a favorite of many. To everyone’s delight, all shades of beige are among the trendiest nail art colors for pedicure in 2023. Let’s talk about how to do better than a plain design and what nail art accessories go well with beige toe nail polish. Check out eye-catching designs in our nail art catalogue.

Pros of Beige Pedicure

Beige is a perfect option for any occasion. A pedicure in this color fits an everyday look and is appropriate at a business meeting or a party, if you decide to wear open-toe shoes. In addition:

  • a neutral color suits both young girls and older women;
  • a beige pedicure goes well with different shoes and clothes;
  • beige is a great base color.

A plain beige pedicure looks great on its own. However, if you want something special, go for crystals, stickers, or mirror powder. An elegant French or unusual ombre pedicure looks no less attractive.

Single-Color Design

In 2023, an elegant minimalistic toenail design is still a trend. It is almost impossible to go too far with nude colors, be it beige, milky-white, or light pink. Women with fair skin should go for darker shades, while women with dark skin rock lighter shades of beige.

Pedicure Designs

Beige is a color that goes well with almost any nail design and allows for applying other colors on top. The result is vibrant, but not vulgar – a perfect design for the spring/summer season.


Be it a matte or glossy nail polish, rhinestones are always on point, highlighting the elegancy of the pedicure design. If you use large rhinestones, go for single-color ones to balance out the design. A constellation of several small rhinestones is another subtle and stylish option.


Let your imagination run wild! Beige color is a perfect background for various stickers: geometric and other patterns, animals, movie characters. Nude nails make a great combination with colorful images. If you aim at a more reserved look, choose a matte nail polish


It is impossible to talk about nails without mentioning a French pedicure. Beige and white go together perfectly. A French pedicure with a beige base is a timeless classic. If you want to make the design more intriguing, paint the characteristic ‘smile’ along the tip of the nail with a glittery nail polish.


The ombre effect on nails provides for an unusual and cool look. As a rule, nail artists select two matching shades or the beige-and-white combination. This neutral design can be highlighted with glitter.

Mirror Powder

Mirror powder in combination with a neutral color looks good not only on fingernails. This pearly effect is also great for a pedicure, creating a very feminine vibe.

Matte or Glossy Beige Pedicure

Matte pedicure is an indisputable trend of 2023. Velvety nails look great both on finger- and toenails. However, keep in mind that light nude shades tend to smudge. It is better to combine matte beige with a bright color. Consider doing a leopard print, it will look especially striking.

Getting a pedicure is a delight. Choose designs to your liking and experiment to your heart’s content!

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