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Getting a new haircut is always a responsible decision, and making it, it is important to remember that a wrong hairstyle can mess up your your whole look. The professional level of your hairdresser determines how the hairstyle will look, how long it will last and how it will affect your emotional state. Pro hair stylists truly believe that a neatly done haircut can favorably emphasize facial features and refresh any image. It doesn't even matter what gender a person belongs to and what kind of clothes prefers.

The theYou team has gathered a large photo catalog of works by experienced hairdressers and hair stylists from all around the world. We offer you to take a look at an extensive photo collection, choose a suitable haircut and book an appointment with a hairdresser from your city. Obviously, you are aware of your best sides and personal preferences, which means that you can identify what haircuts suit you without the help of a hairdresser. But still, the main task of a hair stylist is to refresh and improve your appearance with the help of the trendiest haircut techniques.

Any haircut, no matter if it is the one for long or short hair, is subject to change. From season to season, trends for length, shape, hair coloring, as well as type of styling change a lot. Season 2022 also brings a variety of new haircuts.

What exactly do the hairdressers take into account when doing a haircut?

  1. Personal features of a client - the shape of the head and face; hair density and color, and the physique.
  2. Age.
  3. Type of temper.
  4. Fashion trends.

What are the most popular haircuts 2022?

  • For several years the short bob cut retains its leadership. It refreshes, and makes you look much slimmer and younger. This one is suitable for people of any age, and is in perfect harmony with almost any type of face. Hair stylists came up with its new version that’s really super trendy at the moment - styling with a side parting and slight highlighting, which is as close to the natural hair color as possible.
  • Curly hair has become a real sensation, especially if the curls are coily or large. Curls go really well with any hair length, especially if there is a slight mess in styling.
  • People with straight hair do not need to worry that it is no longer fashionable. Smooth and straight hair strands easily transform into luxurious curls and playful coils. Long lasting styling can be achieved with the help of carving technique, which does not damage the hair and keeps the perm for several weeks.
  • One of the hottest haircuts 2022 is a graduated and classic bob cut in combination with one color dyeing. For a graduated bob, geometric shapes and lines may be indistinct, and the layering cutting technique may be used. The classic version of a bob cut presupposes perfect smoothness and even lines, along with a clear geometric shape.
  • Stylists keep on reminding us that elegance has always been in fashion, and this year is no exception. By getting a model cascade haircut, you can perfectly refresh the image. It’s a real win-win for those who want to combine a cascade haircut with creative cutting techniques - for example, ragged strands, asymmetrical bangs, intricate hair highlighting ideas will be a benefit.
  • The fashion for asymmetrical haircuts has come from the past years, and this year it still has not left the top positions in the popularity rating.
  • Ladies with thin hair will look stunning if they choose a short haircut that will visually add some extra volume to their hair.
  • For heavy hair, all types of haircuts with straight styling and a fairly strong thinning are highly recommended.
  • Long haircuts have not lost their relevance due to the huge variety of the ways to style them. These include U-cut, rhapsody haircut, as well as all types of a layered cascade.

Haircuts are changeable just like the fashion for women's clothing,  but if you flip through the pages of magazines released in the past 20 years, you wil definitely notice a tendency for cyclical changes in women's hairstyles. What is considered to be at the top of fashion today was once considered mega-style too. Therefore, if you feel the desire to surprise everyone with a new haircut in 2022, pay some special attention to the fashion trends of the past decade and you will definitely make the right choice.


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