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French Pedicure

Hardly any pedicure can compete with a French one. It is a timeless classic that goes well with any outfit and mood and makes your toenails look feminine and neat. Let's take a look at the most popular French pedicure ideas in 2023.

Classic French Pedicure

French pedicure nails are super simple: a nude base and white nail tips. But there are some things you should be aware of before doing French toenails. If you have a normal nail shape, there is nothing to be concerned about. Tips can be of any width and shape.

However, if your toenails leave much to be desired (for example, nail beds are too wide), you need to choose the design very carefully. The white stripe visually makes your toenails wider, so in such cases, it's better to move away from the classic and use some secret techniques. For instance, choose beige colors and paint the tips with creamy or milky shades instead of classic white. It will help to disguise minor flaws.

Colorful French Pedicure Styles

A French pedicure is a gorgeous summer design, but it's not that simple. There is plenty of variants to consider:

  • Each toenail is covered with different polishes, but the tips are of the same color.
  • Reverse French pedicure in multiple colors: a single-color base with tips of different colors. 
  • A French ombre is a smooth, subtle transition from the main color to the tip.
  • The edge of the nail is done in the form of streaks, zigzags, waves. And, of course, it should be juicy and bright.
  • You can upgrade a multicolored French pedicure with a combination of glossy and matte top coats. In this case, different shades of the same color, such as charcoal, anthracite, steel, Gainsborough, zircon, will be enough.

Colorful French toenail art gives a lot of room for imagination, so don't restrain yourself!

Matte French Pedicure

A matte French pedicure has a truly chic charm. Besides, it has another fascinating feature: even the brightest coating doesn't look too flashy.

Matte French nails are the perfect choice for those who appreciate simple, clean designs.

In addition, a matte top coat can be combined with nail art, so you can add diverse decorations without any hesitation.

French Nails Design Ideas

A French pedicure can look both elegant and bold. It just depends on the design and the effect you want to create. 


Glitter and splendor - these are synonymous with a French pedicure with rhinestones. You can lay out the crystals in the form of a pattern or a geometric figure. Another option is to accentuate the border between the tip and the nail plate.

However, this type of decoration looks better on big toes. The rest of the toes are too small for applying rhinestones.


French nails imply softness and delicacy. That's why a French pedicure combined with pictures is a perfect choice for fans of ultra-chic but, at the same time, simple designs.

A French pedicure with delicate Chinese or Japanese paintings, mehndi, or monograms will make a stunning pair.

The watercolor technique will create romantic vibes.

Geometric patterns or figures go well with French nails, but you should take the nail shape into consideration. For example, checks or polka dots won't work with short and wide nails if you apply them to the center of the nail plate, while placed in the corner of the nail, these elements will rock your pedicure.


Glitter is the best friend of a French pedicure. It can be used as a translucent top coat. Then the nails will look especially shiny and lively.

Plus, if you combine sequins or crystals with glitter, it will create the effect of a melting silver drop. 

In short, the French pedicure comes in different variations. It means that every person can choose one of them and stay unique. An experienced nail artist will find a classy, unusual French pedicure that upgrades the whole look. You can find a professional on our website. Explore nail artists' portfolios and make an appointment with anyone whose works appeal to you.

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