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Trendy colors for Valentine's Day

The primary task is to create a romantic image full of femininity and grace. Feel free to indulge in shades:

  • Pastel tenderness of pink, coral, peach undertones.
  • Sensual sophistication of a creamy, sandy, coffee palette.
  • Scorching passion of scarlet, pomegranate, cherry tones.

The selection of shades is definitely beautiful. But the top of the fashionable Olympus was staked out by 3 basic colors associated with Valentine's Day.

Soft pink

February must have - colors of powdery rose, light purple, pinkish pearls. The palette is consistently popular due to its versatility. Perfectly refreshes the skin of warm tones, gives a healthy, well-groomed look. Holders of a cold color type of appearance will be decorated with brighter colors: salmon, light coral, strawberry.

Soft pink is great for top nail design techniques - french, moon, ombre, stamping. Ideal as a base for applications, strass inlays.


For Valentine's Day, fashionistas find it difficult to resist a manicure in the color of passion. Actual nail design is carried out in variations: monochromatic; French; with decor (applications, drawings, ornaments, glitters)

Ladies, take a note: combinations of red with black, yellow, gold, white, gray, pink colors are recognized as the best combinations. Green tones are more suitable for New Year's manicure, blue - for sea, summer.


Universal minimalist manicure - nude. The laconic coverage goes well with everyday outfits. But add a little twist and get a festive nail art.

Popular techniques (French, negative space, monochrome) are transformed into unique design finds with the help of funny sliders, thematic drawings, bright applications of rhinestones, sequins, beads, kamifubuki.

Connect your imagination, look around - there are a lot of options. By the way, the basic nude under the inscriptions like "Love Is", "Kiss", "Amore" is great.

Popular images for Valentine's Day

Art painting of marigolds focuses on the topica holiday dedicated to the wonderful feeling of love, mutual understanding, mutual tenderness. Associations with heart affection, kisses, the magic phrase "I love you" will help you tune in to the desired nail design.


The main attribute perfectly reflects the idea of ​​the holiday. Hearts are used on marigolds of any length. Interpretations, forms, style are chosen by fashionistas to their liking. Craftsmen offer drawings, geometric styling, stamping, sliders, molded figures ...


Floristic themes are relevant for Valentine's Day. Therefore, feel free to choose images of your favorite colors in the format of artistic drawings, sliders, volumetric applications, inlays. The luxury of a bouquet of roses, orchids, peonies will emphasize the shine of rhinestones, decorative glitter, kamifubuki, broth, pearls.

Original finds of professional nail designers - stained glass and dried flowers. The beauty of the coating is amazing, resembling inflorescences frozen in colorless amber. To add volume, craftsmen use a thickened base layer plus a dense layer of a transparent top.


Delicious Valentine's Day nail decor is intriguing. Do you think it is impossible to express the theme of the holiday with berries? Let's break another myth.

Pay attention to the cut of the pomegranate fruit, strawberries, cherries. Isn't it a stylized heart shape supported by the color of passion? Add a little shine, shade with shimmer powder, matte flock ... An exclusive design is ready, suitable for formal and casual winter looks.

Valentine's Day Design

February manicure cannot be imagined without stylish design with an emphasis on a festive atmosphere. Masters of nail decor offer a variety of solutions, taking into account the age of the lady, lifestyle, mental attitude. Let's delve deeper into the outlandish world of Valentine-themed marigold jewelry.


Imitation of precious stones perfectly reflects the desire of women to shine. Themed drawings, inscriptions are laid out with rhinestones, the graphic quality of volumetric figures, the sophistication of artistic painting, the tenderness of patterns are emphasized.

Try to avoid overloading the image. Enough point accents. Or a small placer on severalmarigold.


The decorative elements shining with a diamond shine are more relevant than ever. Drawings, accent details, inscriptions are made with glitter sand, kamifubuki, sequins. They are used for additional decoration of various images, sliders, vignettes. Glitter looks especially beautiful on matte bases, flock coating with a suede effect.

Beauty-lovers will love the confetti cut out in the shape of multi-colored hearts. They can be used to decorate the lunula, the free edge of the nail, to emphasize one or more fingers.


French manicure is rich in thematic variations of nail decor. Take inspiration from valentines. For example, add heart drawings, kisses, gift boxes, flowers, cute Teddy bears, funny animated characters to your smile.

Lovers of simple solutions can easily transform the strip of the distal edge into the upper part of the heart. Decorations are optional. It will turn out laconic and fresh.


Glitter is an invariable detail of the holiday. Monochrome, colored, holographic foil strips will decorate marigolds of any shape and length. Use them to form original patterns, geometric ornaments.

Suitable foil layers for work in the techniques of stained glass, French, mosaic, "broken glass". The resulting stylized pixel images of hearts, flowers, sweets will fit well into fashion trends.


We have saved the most "delicious" for last. Marigolds plus the hands of a master are a limitless source of inspiration. In the collection of ideas: thematic inscriptions in beautiful fonts, phrases from famous hits about love, confessions in different languages ​​and much more.

Nail designers are not limited to stickers. Calligraphy is used with varnishes of different colors, strips of thin foil, decorative sand, small crystals, broths. Single marigolds or completely hands are decorated with simple decor.

Now you know where to go for holiday manicure inspiration. Follow fashion trends and experiment. Be bright not only on holidays, but also on weekdays!


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