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When it’s time to get a new manicure design done, girls often wonder what kind of manicure is the most good-looking and flattering for their nail shape. An original manicure with lettering is an amazing and stunning nail design which is in this season. On website we have put up an excellent photo collection of manicure ideas by the best nail industry experts. Here you also have an opportunity to book a manicure appointment with a nail technician from your city.

Wanna stand out from the crowd? Feel free to decorate your nails with graffiti, text, signatures, letters and words, and your pretty hands will look even more stunning and draw the attention of others. Manicure design decorated with lettering can be applied to nails of any length and shape. In fact, it goes well with many different styles and dozens of manicure techniques.

Lettering Nail Art: New Ideas for a Trendy Manicure Design

Manicure designs with inscriptions can express a huge variety of meanings - from an explanation of feelings to a funny and ironic design. The choice of design, style, font and size of the lettering depends on many different aspects. Here, creativity, experience and professionalism of a nail technician play a crucial role since the text on a nail plate is supposed to look extremely neat and accurate.

Nail Design Tips from Nail Artists That All Fashion Lovers Should Follow:

  • liven up your manicure with lettering done in a variety of nail techniques, use foil, glitter / glitter, kamifubuki to make your nail design look unique;
  • add ombre colour transitions, rhinestones and lace to the manicure design with lettering. They will spice up the fashionable nail art;
  • decorate a lettering manicure design with images of cartoon characters, expressive colour shades and patterns in neon colour to get an amazing result. Its beauty is sure to be remembered for a long time;
  • try a nude manicure design with letters or lettering. It looks more modest and feminine. Lettering applied onto nude manicure designs are a versatile option that suits any clothing style and will be relevant all year round;
  • experiment with white nail lettering. Black & red letters look contrasting and expressive when applied onto the white background, as well as lettering of other saturated colour shades. Such manicure design can be an excellent option both for special occasions and everyday wear;
  • complement your favourite French manicure design with an unusual text, and your pretty nails will shine with new colors and radiate positive emotions;
  • focus on one or two nails, decorating the design with a juicy lettering with décor elements. Geometric shapes, lines, neon patterns, animal drawings would be enough to make any manicure design look beautiful and super stylish.

Nail art can be bold and gentle, and even with subtle implications or witty words. Choose your favorite manicure design with lettering and do not hesitate to amaze others!


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