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There are no obstacles for “precious” nail design. With him, any female hands will look gentle, refined and luxurious. The most advantageous nail art is combined with marigolds longer than 3 mm. But the special highlight of the color is that its warm shades are ideal for slender ladies, and cold shades are ideal for body-positive.

Rose gold combines wonderfully with almost all colors, including:

  • Saturated and neon colors of fuchsia, purple, indigo.
  • Achromatic colors (range from white to black).
  • Pastel shades of delicate rose, coral, coffee with milk.

The use of the best decorating techniques will add special elegance to the nail design. The ranking contains 6 most popular options.


French manicure, performed with a golden-pink varnish on a nude, contrasting, pastel base, looks very stylish. The combination with saturated colors enhances the shine of the "smile", and calm, soft tones add tenderness and fragility to the image. A more recent trendy idea is the use of torn strokes of gold leaf, rose gold-colored foil to decorate the distal edge.


The current technique is playing with a shimmer of several semitones, which creates the effect of sparkling champagne splashes. Using additional decorative elements, it is easy to give the manicure a festive solemnity or, conversely, some restraint.

By the way, rose gold is good for creating accents. A well-chosen shade literally draws attention, allows you to hide minor flaws in the manicure. They can highlight individual elements, combine with bases of rich tones.


Like attracts like - an axiom that perfectly reflects the interaction of pinkish metal and rhinestones, kamifubuki, broths, glitter. The delicate smoothness of the golden lacquer is nicely complemented by a scattering of shiny sand, shining with imitation of precious stones. Many ladies will like the proven fact: the metal focuses on the nails, noticeably distracting from the flaws of the manicure, the condition of the skin around the nail plate.


The antipode of a jacket, a moon manicure in a golden-pink design looks mesmerizing. The design variations are interesting. Most craftsmen prefer to display the contours of the lunula with the top inThe rest of the nail plate is treated with a topcoat in nude or contrasting shades.

Others suggest using metallic as the base color and leaving the root area clean. The manicure looks softer, more natural, emphasizing the overall well-groomed hands.


The best must-have product for beauty lovers. The pearlescent transparent powder will make the golden base shine with inner light.

The second method is a metallic powder in a gold tone. Applied over the pink base coat, the rub-in creates a stunning effect of a mirror-smooth metal surface. By the way, to achieve the perfect manicure, only a high-quality fine-dispersed shimmer is suitable. Otherwise, disappointment from the "expectation VS result" tandem is inevitable.


Scotch tape and metallized foil in rose gold color is a great decorative technique for creating geometric ornaments on nude, neon, rich base colors. Stripes can emphasize the features of the applied patterns, separate elements, focus on one area or marigold. It goes well with other techniques, nail decoration techniques.

Rose gold is a good color, it does not require lengthening or shortening the nail plate, "adjusting" the shape of the marigold. Leave doubts - experiment with sizes, decors, create your own unique options for metal nail art.

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