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French manicure is one of the most common and popular nail design techniques. It’s usually associated with of beauty and sophistication of a woman who wears it. A basic French manicure looks the following way: the nail is covered with a modest nail polish shade, and white colour is applied to the tip of the nail in the shape of a crescent.

Today, nail technicians often move on to new extraordinary ideas and leave the classics in the past, preferring more original and unique nail looks. But still, the basis for these extraordinary designs is French manicure with its typical features. It is a well-known fact that French manicure emerged quite a long time ago. For the first time, French manicure design appeared in the seventies of the XX century.

This type of manicure has not lost its relevance even now: French manicure is often complemented by different types of décor elements and nail art. French manicure design trends offer a variety of options for combining contrasting shades:

  • French manicure design with colourful nail tips;
  • French manicure design with a pattern;
  • French manicure design with nail art;
  • French manicure design for almond shaped nails with nail art.

Any type of manicure design leaves a lot of room for your imagination, and French manicure is no exception. Colour combinations can be very different, but the main rule is that the shades should be in harmony with each other, as well as correspond to the style and lifestyle of a woman.

By the way, French manicure design can greatly help out when you really need a modest, yet stylish and elegant nail design. This type of nail art is considered versatile, as it suits almost any clothing and occasion. It also does not draw attention away from jewelry, emphasizes the natural beauty of your nails and hides their imperfections. It’s suitable as everyday, festive and evening manicure.


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