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Red Nails

Red nails are undoubtedly beyond competition. The red color shade can be elegant and sensational, strict and classic, or become the main accent of a sophisticated nail art. But in any case, it is still beyond time and fashion, and new trends keep on fully revealing its originality day by day.

Short and Long Red Nails

Not so long ago, red manicure was considered to be suitable for long nails only. However, the hottest trends have changed the game completely, and now we all know for sure that red tones can flatter any nail length, provided that we keep some simple rules in our minds.

Short Nails

In this case, red nail art with geometric elements like vertical stripes, ovals, and triangles, looks best. If the nails are of square or trapezoidal shape, the nail technician is likely to suggest doing a nail art that hides the imperfections. This one can include zigzags, asymmetrical and chaotic floral patterns, or even so-called ‘polka dots’ that reduce in size towards the free edge of the nail.

Also, remember that French manicure done using contrasting colors isn’t recommended for short and wide nails, as it visually shortens the nails even more.

But fortunately, there are no limitations for classic manicure design - single-colored nails can change your whole image for the better.

Long Nails

Long nails a priori are a rather expressive detail of a lady’s look. Therefore, when sticking with red nail art, it is advisable to go for laconic designs.

French nails, ombre, strict geometric motifs, accents on one or two fingers - these are suitable for everyday wear. Of course, the shade of red should also be taken into account: bright, pearlescent or neon colors themselves are very expressive and complex nail art can simply get  lost against them. Matte or classic red shades, on the other hand, are the perfect base for whimsical ornaments or monochromatic designs.

These recommendations do not apply to evening and festive manicure. For such cases, red nail design can be anything - appropriate for the outfit, event and mood.

Red Nail Designs

The major 2023 nail art trends have not undergone critical changes compared to the previous season, but some nuances are still worth considering. The following designs are sure to turn red nails into a bright and fashionable detail of your look.

Red French Nails

This season, red French nails have become especially eloquent and expressive. The reason for that is a bigger emphasis on romanticism and femininity. The leadership goes to pastel base (either glossy or matte) and a red tip (classic or beveled), done using such red decor elements as:

  • regular nail polish;
  • shellac;
  • rhinestones;
  • pearls;
  • foil, etc.

For everyday wear, red French nails can be done using two nail polish colors - pastel beige and glossy red, while the border between them is painted either a contrasting or a harmonious shade.

Red Nails with Rhinestones

Seems like the self-sufficiency of the red color does not presuppose the use of rhinestones. In fact, you should avoid overdoing such manicure with decorative elements; it would be enough just to put one or two shiny accents. Rhinestones will do amazing as a flower part; they can also be used when laying out an oblique or vertical strip on a red background.

It is important to consider the amount of jewelry on your fingers - even a couple of massive rings or fancy bracelets can create a chaotic effect when combined with red nails and rhinestones.

However, decorating just one nail is acceptable even if there’s a large amount of jewelry on your hands. It will certainly look sophisticated and very stylish.

Red French Nails with Rhinestones

The border between the base and the tip of the nail outlined with rhinestones is a classic, yet still popular implementation of the ‘jewelry’ concept. This kind of design for red nails looks impressive with any manicure - doesn't matter if it’s an everyday or a festive one.

But today’s nail industry gives us a lot more opportunities. Rhinestones against a red background can be laid out forming a complex ornament, or a geometric element, or simply scattered on one of the nails. Again, keeping in mind the expressiveness of red: it is crucial not to create visual clutter - rhinestones should emphasize nail art, not outperform it.

Red & Painting

The ways of bringing this one to life are limited by your own imagination only. Floral patterns, geometric shapes, polka dots, hearts, monochrome design, clear lines, vintage blur, fragments of complex paintings - everything that exists in fine art is generally suitable for red nail art.

You can try applying red ornaments or patterns to the nails, or vice versa - use red nail polish as a background for multicolored paintings.

Red & Glitter

Glitter paired with red polish is a very popular idea for an evening manicure. Nevertheless, this can look good in everyday life, too. So, muted shades of red - burgundy, sangria, cardinal, pomegranate, and others, radiate boldness and even audacity, if complemented by small sparkly accents.

Red & Gold

Red and gold resemble the luxury of the royal court. But this type of manicure requires a perfect sense of style so that luxury does not turn into pomp. For scarlet and bright red nail polish shades, it is better to choose dark or old gold, whereas deeper shades of red go perfectly well with true gold.

Try combining matte and glossy top coats, or emphasize your glossy manicure with the grainy texture of foil or glitter.

Matte Red Nails

Matte red is a perfect choice for a versatile nail look. It looks perfect as it is - stylish and elegant, but complemented with patterns, rhinestones, pearls or other decor elements, it takes on a completely new meaning. The matte finish perfectly reveals the concept of glossy or gold painting. It is beautiful paired with minimalistic elements and in the fragmentary technique - the basis, complemented by a small painted corner.

Colors That Go Well with Red

Red shades require thoughtful selection of the complementary color. Today, the following color duos are in vogue.

Red & White

French nails, fine painting, mosaic patterns - the combination of white and red always looks sophisticated and stylish. The color ratio can be very different, though. You can choose a white background and red painting for a discreet and graceful everyday manicure. However, evening nail art can be more intense with a red base and a white ‘smile’, floral patterns, and so on.