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White Nail Design

White nails have not gone out of fashion, and according to recent tendencies of the nail industry, we will still see them trending. Firstly, this type of manicure is a timeless classic, just like the red one. Secondly, white nails serve as a canvas, making it much easier to create a variety of nail designs. And thirdly, they always look impeccable, stylish and neat.

If you want to do a fashionable snow-white manicure that would suit your style and be a great fit for the occasion, don't hesitate to find the best nail art specialists via Check out the works by our pro nail techs, and scroll through the catalog to quickly book a manicure appointment in your city online.

White Manicure for Short and Long Nails

It is important to keep in mind that white color looks beautiful only when applied onto the perfect nail shape. So, make sure to pay close attention to it, since it’s something that others definitely notice.

Short White Nails

Solid color designs look amazingly neat on short nails. Light nails without design will fit into any look perfectly. If single color nails don't fascinate you that much, try doing a ‘knit’ pattern on white background or a black and white combo. The hottest 2023 trends are white veil manicure and minimalistic manicure with dark floral patterns against white or milky background.

Long White Nails

While scrolling through the catalog of works by our nail technicians, be sure to pay some special attention to monochrome nail art, which looks most impressive on long nails. It includes marble design, French nails, and lunar manicure. Geometric patterns, black and white floral paintings, lace and openwork decor are literally mesmerizing on long nails.

White Nail Art

We will never get tired of watching the latest novelties of snow-white manicure design coming in. Experienced nail techs on our platform are ready to bring your wildest desires to life. Neat, delicate, playful, stylish and outstanding - these are perfect adjectives for works by the best nail artists from all around the world.

White French Nails

Classic and creative, interesting and stunning - an elegant French nail design will look incredible on long and short nails. French nails are always relevant regardless of the season. It is sure to fit into the look of a cute student, business woman or a mom - French nails look amazing on the fingers of all fashion lovers, regardless of their age and status.

You can step away from the classics by complementing the trendy white French nail design with shiny glitter, foil, geometric patterns or pearl powder. If you do this, your snow-white manicure will become even more attractive.

White Nails with Glitter

White nails for an upcoming holiday and a special occasion are easy to do with the help of youth glitter. Sequins and stickers are absolute nail experts’ favorites. Keep in mind that gold and silver sequins are perfect for matte top coat. It is better to put them on only a few nails  - this way, the manicure design will look laconic. Decorating just the edges instead of the entire nail plate is particularly popular these days. It would look amazing if you use white gel polish.

White Chrome Nails

With the help of acrylic nail powder that resembles dust, nail artists create incredibly beautiful manicure designs. However, it is important to choose the right materials for decoration. The most top-end options are metallic and mirror acrylic pigments. White chrome manicure can unobtrusively sparkle with rose gold tone or catch everybody’s eyes with its neon tint - the choice is completely up to you.

White Nails with Rhinestones

Rhinestones on white background give the manicure a touch of luxury. Decor elements can be either single- or multi-colored. However, it’s crucial not to overdo the nail look - it’s recommended to decorate not the entire nail with rhinestones, but just a part of it, and a couple of nails only. This version of a snow-white manicure is suitable both for a festive occasion and everyday life.

White Nails with Foil

In 2023, foil can be added to any nail design. Nevertheless, it looks most impressive on matte nails. Be sure that every experienced nail tech has transfer and liquid foil, stencil, crimped material, as well as thermo and lace foil in their tool set. The choice depends on the effect you want to create on your nails.

White Nails with Painting

Paintings always look attractive on a white background. The most relevant one this year is a snow-white manicure with lace pattern. Thin spider web will create a minimalistic effect on your pretty nails. Nature paintings are also adorable, when done by a pro nail technician. Fashion lovers who are into laconic and neat looks will absolutely love geometric and contour patterns.

White Ombre Nails

The beloved ombre technique will catch everybody’s eyes with its soft color transition, but this attractive color gradient can still be decorated with various designs. Nail techs often use glitter and rhinestones; unobtrusive patterns are sometimes placed on several nails against a gradient background. It turns out to be a great way to dilute the ombre style nail art.

White and Silver Nails

The white and silver combo has its own special charm. It has softness and lightness, elegance and novelty in it. Silver color shade gives a manicure more expressiveness and solemnity. Feel free to complement the look with accessories in the same color scheme.

White and Gold Nails

Nail design with this pair of royal colors can be perfect both for a night out and, let’s say, for going to the cinema. This design looks most impressive on medium and long nails. Those with very short nails are advised to get extensions or apply monochrome technique.