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An itch to look natural during the season2022-2023 manifests itself in everything: clothing and shoes, makeup and, of course, manicure. The main trend of this fall is nude manicure design. Nude manicure design is an excellent option for girls and women of any age and occupation. Nude manicure with nail art is perfect for both casual wear and looks for special occasions. Choose your favourite nude manicure design from a photo collection, which is now available on our website and book your nail appointment with a nail technician in any city of the world.

Nude manicure design isn’t a flashy, overly brightness and too eye-catching nail design. Transparent, almost indistinguishable and looking like your natural nails, it emerged in the catwalks and moved to the mass market, conquering more and more women's hearts daily. Transparent colour shades, as well as modest and feminine pastel and pinkish tones without saturation and excessive brightness - this is the real latest fashion.

Top Best Nude Manicure Colour Shades

  1. An absolute win-win is using nail polishes with a completely transparent texture, which slightly shimmers with pink, blue or milky shades.
  2. The second place goes to classic beige and cream tones, traditionally loved by admirers of an elegant and modest style.
  3. Fashion lovers and style experts give the third place to powdery and almost indistinguishable shades, as well as mother-of-pearl and pastel tones.

What is the reason for the nude manicure’s popularity?

  • The fall is the time of the year when a hot and eventful vacation life is replaced by a measured rhythm of office work. Saturated colours and shades remain in the previous season: now they are replaced by a strict dress code. Transparent natural manicure perfectly matches this trend, and that is why style experts choose nude for the fall-winter season this year.
  • In addition, well-manicured and neat nails that look natural are extremely elegant and attractive. Nude colour shades will make your whole image look casual and stylish at the same time. It will also solve the problem of having to constantly change nail polish colour depending on your clothes. Versatility, relevance and beauty are the main distinguishing features of a nude transparent manicure.
  • But it is also worth remembering that transparent nail polishes are less resistant, although this is fully compensated by the fact that cracks and application defects are practically invisible on such manicure.
  • Getting your nails done in fashionable nude colour shades would be appropriate for a regular night out with friends as well as for special occasions and even your own wedding.
  • It is the feminine and sophisticated nude manicure design on the nails that will make your hands look especially attractive, amazing and catching the eyes of others anywhere you go.


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