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Nails with Flowers

Flower manicures are surprisingly simple and always look beautiful. And no matter what kind of nail art is applied to the nails, it will look great, since there is a huge number of flower lovers. Floral nail design is versatile, elegant and wearable all year round. It is great for everyday wear, and will be appropriate for a night out or a special occasion.

Do not deny yourself the pleasure of decorating your nails with flower manicure using trendy techniques. Looking for a floral nail design idea? is your best advisor when it comes to choosing a classic manicure and booking an appointment with a nail tech from your city online.

In the huge photo catalog, you are sure to find some trends that do not lose their relevance for a long time already. And regardless of whether you prefer doing your nails yourself or asking a talented nail technician to do that, you can get inspired for your next nail look.

Trendy Nail | Ideas with Flowers

  • Light blue (or dark blue) floral patterns applied onto soft pink nail polish will make your look even more playful and mysterious. Looks especially elegant on short nails.
  • French nails will be "revived" by nail art with contrasting floral patterns on the tips of the nails. Or tiny flowers in soft pastel color shades that adorn the tips of each nail for an original, soothing and beautiful look.
  • Floral motifs with polka dot. A great combo will be achieved if you choose red, green and pink shades. Flowers are drawn on the corner of the nails, the rest of the plate is covered with small polka-dot circles.
  • A tiny flower bed. Like a floral nail design with artistic little flowers scattered all over the nails.
  • Bright nails. Apply orange nail polish to all nails but one of them. Then, draw and beautifully decorate a spectacular floral pattern on it.
  • Bouquets of flowers. Create original nail designs with flower bouquet drawings. The bouquets will go especially well with long nails, and a part of the intrigue of this design will be its random arrangement of flowers.
  • Abstraction. Let your imagination run wild. When applying abstract patterns to your nails, don't stop at just one flower. For example, draw one chamomile in the center of the nail and tons of tiny petals floating around.
  • Ombre nails. Create a basic gradient color transition in pink or lavender shades. Then draw a few yellow chamomile petals near the nail lunula. This floral nail design is also suitable for French manicure.
  • Stripes, gold or silver, glitter, foil. Decorate your floral manicure design with shiny decor elements. This will result in romantic nail design perfect for a wedding ceremony or other special occasion.
  • One red rose. One flower is worth a thousand words in such simple yet elegant floral nail design that is just a single rose against a white background.
  • Rhinestones on the branches. Add glamor to your floral nails by adding tiny stones to the painted branches. Such decor will add some elegance and sophistication to the whole image.
  • Poppies, chamomiles, cornflowers, sunflowers, orchids, bells, forget-me-nots - there is no limit to your imagination, as there’s no ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ nail design with flowers. The creation of a floral manicure design is another type of art performed by pro nail artists and fully depending on their own and interpretation.

Feel free to experiment, boldly combine color shades and decor arrangement, as well as decorate your nails with gorgeous and bright flower arrangements.

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