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Roman Payne once said: "A girl without braids is like a city without bridges". But, as this year's trends show us, not only braids can become an essential hairstyle element. According to hair experts, there is a huge variety of beautiful and cute hairstyles for any hair length. This statement is true not only for females — there are also interesting styling options for men at your disposal. We won’t neglect amazing hairstyles for boys and girls either.

Hairstyles For Women

A good hairdo can not only complement a woman's look, but also hide some minor imperfections in appearance and even rejuvenate the face. You can create an original hairstyle not only on long hair — a good hairstylist is always down to surprise you even if your hair is short.

Hairstyles For Different Hair Length

Let's run through the best hairstyles for different hair length. Get ready to choose your perfect everyday or night-out look right now.

For Short Hair

The most versatile option for short hair is definitely curls. They always look feminine and fresh. Curls can be slightly put up and secured with invisible hair clips or swept to the side. One of our favorite cool hairstyles are short tiny braids. They can be braided horizontally, vertically, or even around the head.

For Medium-Length Hair

You can just curl your hair and put them up in a bun to look incredible. Keep in mind that a sleek bun is more suitable for a festive occasion. Young women should go with high buns, while older ladies might want to consider low buns. A voluminous bun is very popular these days, since it is easy to create with the help of a donut that matches your hair color. The list of hairstyles for medium-length hair also includes:

  • ponytail;
  • curls;
  • braids.

For Long Hair

Classic voluminous curls are a versatile option for those who do not want a comples hairdos and prefer natural-looking, yet stylish hairstyle. The traditional braid has been replaced by the so-called ‘fish tail’ a long time ago. This slightly messy hairstyle looks especially impressive with a few loose curls. Another trendy and pretty hairstyle is small yet long children's braids. To create a look inspired by the 90s, it would be enough to do two thin pigtails on the sides, and leave the rest of the hair loose.

Popular Hairstyles

We are not even lying when we say that fashion experts will stay forever lenient when it comes to certain hairstyles. Literally, every good hair stylist knows that ponytails, braided hairstyles and curls are always popular and original. Nevertheless, you will need to experiment with your hairdo a bit — and it is sure to turn out just fine.


One of the most popular hairstyles this season is a ponytail with bangs. Curls in this case are inappropriate — if your hair is curly, it is better to use a straightener. Plus, a high or low ponytail is suitable for women of all ages. Here are our favorite ponytail-based hairstyles:

  • side ponytail;
  • braided ponytail.

It’s super easy to make your ponytail look festive — just add a bow, ribbons, a pearl hairpin or put on a hairband.


The simplest and most popular option are large curls, either loose or gathered at the top of the head. Our beloved Hollywood curls, secured on the side, look expensive and stunning. Curls styled into a waterfall, a high curly ponytail, and a Dutch crown braid also make for an elegant hairstyle.


Voluminous braids are on trend this season. Usually the braid is formed in the middle of the head. Another popular hairstyle looks include Dutch and French braids, as well as the waterfall braid. Since simplicity is now in vogue, a couple of thin braids on loose hair will be just perfect. However, the priority option is the 8-12 strand weaving. Of course, it's not so easy to create such a masterpiece yourself. If you want a more intricate braided hairstyle, it is better to contact a hair stylist.

French Braids

French braids deserve some special attention. This is a great option for both everyday and festive looks. They can be combined, for example, you could do a couple or even three of them at once. French braids can be complemented perfectly by a ponytail or slight curls. It's better to secure the ends with invisible elastic bands. You can also try tying a satin ribbon.

Wedding Hairstyles

The most fashionable 2022 hairstyles for weddings radiate tenderness, luxury, simplicity and naturalness. Nowadays, the hottest bridal trends are:

  • Hollywood curls;
  • textured curls;
  • smooth low bun with a veil underneath;
  • shell bun;
  • braided hairstyles on long hair.

Actually, any elegant hairdo can fit as a wedding styling. Intricate hair jewelry will help you make the hairstyle even more festive.

Men’s Hairstyles

There are many different hairstyles for men, but out of them, the most popular options are ponytails and braids with shaved temples. for longer hair Voluminous hair also looks very impressive on both older men and young guys. If a man wears a square cut, his best choice for a casual look would be a bun. You can either put  all the hair up, or just a part of it.

Kids Hairstyles

Hairstyles for children should be not only attractive, but also practical, so that they don’t get in the way while boys and girls studying, playing, or doing sports. It's good if a hairstyle for a special occasion is durable even with no hairspray or other products on it.


Boys, just like adult men, can comb their hair back — and the hairstyle is ready. For longer hair, a bun at the crown of the head will also work. Teens still adore low braids and shaved sides.


For an everyday hairstyle for your little princess, you can choose a high or low ponytail or two ponytails on the sides. Keep in mind that braids, including French ones, are still in. Buns, pigtails, Malvina hairstyle, and waterfall are win-win styling options for both everyday wear and special occasions.

Feel free to explore the catalog on our website to find plenty of unique hairstyle ideas and find a pro hair stylist who will make all your dreams come true. To see more works by a hair stylists, as well as customer reviews, go to a specialist’s profile. Explore, choose your perfect look and book your appointments with the best specialists from your city to get a perfect hairstyle!

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