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Wedding Hairstyles without Veil

Wedding hairstyles without veil will perfectly complement the image of the bride and make it look romantic, elegant. They will also be suitable if you want to look daring and rebellious. Take a look at the photo collection of wedding hairstyles without veil available on our website and find the hairstyle that's right for you. Do you want to get a similar hairstyle for your wedding day in order to look stunning and elegant? Book your appointment with a hairdresser or a hairstylist in your city on our website!

New Hairstyle Ideas 2023: Choose Your Wedding Look

  • The classic wedding hair styling is a high hairstyle with the neck open, which is adorned with a fine string of pearls or a pendant. Such accessories are sure to give a sophisticated, graceful and adorable look to the bride.
  • High hairstyle can be decorated with hairpins, pearls and rhinestones. As an option, you can try a tiara or crown, a headpiece with a veil, or a chic veil with feathers.
  • High styling does not necessarily require the presence of a veil, since the most beautiful elements of the hairstyle simply won’t be visible under it.
  • The next kind of wedding hairstyle without veil and the hottest trend of the season is weaving various types of braids. It can be classic braiding or French braids, as well as a fishtail. Satin or silk ribbons can be woven into the braid, and the weaving can be decorated with fresh flowers. Such hairstyle will definitely look fresh and unusual. Even if you are wearing your hair short, false hair will come in handy, so that you can create an elegant and romantic image.
  • Slightly curled hair are also a great option for a wedding celebration, as they are likely to give a flair of romance to the image, as well as transform your whole look. Hairstyles with curls are typically decorated with tiaras, wreaths or rhinestones. However, curls have one peculiarity: they must be fixed carefully, since they don’t tend to last when the weather is humid.

Do not hesitate to consult a pro hair stylist who will help you choose the best option for your hair type, as well as offer his own hairstyle options or complement yours. To be completely sure of your choice, you’re welcome to do a ‘test’ styling a couple of days before the wedding day and see how it suits you.

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