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Wedding Hairstyles

A wedding is one of the most significant events in everyone's life. On this day, you want to look impeccable and chic. A bride should consider her makeup, outfit, and jewelry to create a balanced look. You should be especially careful with choosing a wedding hairstyle. Experienced hair stylists suggest trying the hairstyle out before the wedding to make sure it matches the whole look.

For long hair

Bridal hairstyles for long hair are dazzling in their diversity. Here are some trendy options:

  • A classy bun. You can complement such a masterpiece with hair pins with pearls, beads, or crystals; 
  • A high or low ponytail. It will make your look modest and elegant;  
  • Waves. Brides choose this style quite often as it looks romantic and delicate. Put on a tiara, and you'll look like a real princess. 

For medium-length hair

There are loads of stunning wedding hairstyles. You can opt for loose beach waves with fresh flowers or a neat bun, ponytail, and various braids. These hairstyles combined with a veil, a ribbon, or a pearl hair comb will look perfect.

For short hair

Short hair is perfect for exquisite bridal hairstyles.

  • Straight and smooth locks. Adorned with a fascinator, it will jazz up a bride's look. 
  • Wavy hair. Opt for either messy or Hollywood waves and add volume to the roots. 
  • A French twist is an elegant hairstyle that accentuates your neck and face shape. You can complement it with beaded hair pins or a stylish barrette.

With bangs

Every bride with bangs has to think carefully, what to do with her bangs. A high or low bun or a side French braid will look splendid with long asymmetrical bangs. Fresh flowers or a beautiful hair comb can upgrade the whole look. Blunt or shaggy bangs will look fantastic with classic curls.

Updo hairstyles

Updo hairstyles come in different variations, from a simple ponytail or a bun to curls, braids, and hairstyles with accessories. Each of them makes a bride look marvelous on a wedding day. In addition, updos are comfy to wear — they look neat even in bad weather. Plus, loose strands will not fall over your face during the heat. You can complement the hairstyle with a tiara or hair clips with caviar beads.

Bridal hair accessories

It's the little things that make a big difference. Therefore, hair accessories are significant for creating a festive look. Let's look at the most popular options.


A simple translucent veil is a perfect match for a sleek low bun or classic waves. It's better to wear a two-tier veil with doll-like, voluminous curls complemented by a tiara.


A splendid and classy hairstyle looks glamorous on its own. However, if you put on a tiara, you'll get a genuinely feminine and chic look. A tiara goes beautifully with doll-like curls and a Greek braid alike. A big tiara works well on thick hair. As for medium-length or short hair, tiny exquisite variants are more appropriate.


For a wedding hairstyle, you can use both fresh and artificial flowers. Keep in mind that they should match your bridal bouquet. You can go for roses, orchids, lilies, daisies, or small sunflowers. If you're planning to have a themed wedding, such as ethnic or beach, a floral hair wreath will be a perfect variant.

Curls for a wedding

Messy or textured, big or small, doll-like or Hollywood - any waves and curls will turn the bride into the queen of the evening. To keep the waves off the face, you can secure them with a pearl headband or a sparkling tiara.

Visit our website for more unusual wedding hairstyle ideas. Our gallery of works features the best hair stylists' portfolios that are regularly updated.

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