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Braided Hairstyles

Various braid weaving of has been at the peak of popularity for more than a year and 2023 is no exception. Neatly braided hair not only accentuates the luxurious density of the hair, but also provides you with a sense of comfort.

You can hardly find a man who wouldn’t mesmerized at braids that are woven stylishly! Moreover, women will definitely pay attention to such hairstyle too, appreciating the art of its implementation. Woven braids are quite appropriate for a business meeting or some special occasions.

  • Braids can be woven in a variety of styles, and a tightly done neat braid is a perfect office hairstyle option, as it will perfectly go with your office outfit.
  • The hottest trend is a shaggy voluminous braid with the strands let loose. Stylists claim that a pigtail hairstyle can help you create a romantic and stylish look.
  • However, long braids are a priority. You can do a basic braid of three strands, which even our great-grandmothers wove, or a French braid, also referred to as a ‘fish tail’. It is worth mentioning that many of the runway models had their hair woven into traditional Russian braids.
  • The absence of bangs in braided hairstyles is definitely a new trend - they are often replaced by the strands on the sides. But it’s still up to you whether to part your hair or no.
  • A braided hairstyle can be easily turned into an extremely elegant one with the help of stylish headbands and hairpins – they can be black or match your hair colour, as well as decorated with flowers and rhinestones. However, for special occasions, hairstylists offer a lot of complex braided and some of the high hairstyles with braids as a décor element.
  • Numerous hair weavings are about to become the main trend of wedding fashion, so brides should think about growing out long hair in order to look fashionable and beautiful at their weddings.

Pick your favourite braid hairstyles on website where you also have an opportunity to book a hair appointment in your city.


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