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Hairstyles for Medium Hair

Medium-length hair is very versatile as it matches any face shape. When it comes to classy hairstyles, women and little princesses who have such hair have no shortage of options, from eye-catching braids and feminine waves to high or low buns and ponytails. Plus, you can complement medium-length hairstyles with pearl hair pins, single-color ribbons, or a headband.

Medium-length hairstyles

Medium hairstyles match casual outfits and evening gowns alike. Elegant curls will make your look dreamy; a messy bun and a cocktail dress combo will make you the most charming queen of the night.


Beautiful curls suit almost all girls and women. Curled dark hair looks elegant and exquisite, and blonde curls give off romantic and gentle vibes. Here are some popular options:

  • Beach waves;
  • Hollywood waves;
  • Voluminous curls;
  • Tight curls;
  • Messy curls;
  • Retro waves.

Curls always look simple yet chic — you just need to choose the ones that suit you. Curly hairstyles are renowned for their versatility: they will be appropriate for an evening event or a romantic date and they can even upgrade office outfits.


Ponytails for medium-length hair have become extremely popular in the past few years, and they are still trendy. A ponytail is a marvelous option for a little princess. It looks especially cute combined with colorful rubber bands or glittery hairpins.

Ponytail hairstyles come in different variations. A sleek high ponytail combined with voluminous curls is a lovely variant for a wedding. You only need to put on a veil or a sparkling headpiece. Moreover, a low ponytail will upgrade a casual look and add a touch of glamor.

French braids

French braids are one of the main trends for medium hair. They used to be considered a hairstyle for school girls, but today you can wear them with daily outfits and evening dresses. A French braid looks unusual thanks to its intricate braiding technique. Reverse French braids look equally stunning.

There are numerous braided hairstyles. For example, you can do one voluminous braid, leaving some strands loose. Two small braids are ideal for little girls. In addition, you can decorate such a hairstyle with bright ribbons or sparkly hairpins.


A bun has always been hailed as a modest, romantic, and comfy hairstyle. Lots of bun variations have emerged over the years.

  • Classic. To get such a hairstyle, comb your hair smoothly and then twist it into a knot on the top of the head or at the nape of the neck. It's appropriate for work and a night out alike. Plus, you can upgrade your look with the help of a headband or a hair clip.
  • Messy. Pull your hair into a top knot. If you want to make your bun look even more splendid, pull out some strands to frame your face. Plus, a high or a low bun is a nice option for a bride. Decorate the hairstyle with a tiara or a sparkling hair comb.
  • Braids. A tight braid turned into a bun is a win-win option.
  • Bouffant bun. Tease your hair, and then twist it into a low bun. You can also put on a tiara or other hair accessories.

Half-up hairstyles

If you tie the upper half of your hair with an elastic band, ribbon, or barrette, you'll get a cute half-up hairstyle. Such a hairstyle was popular in ancient times, and has recently made a comeback and is well-loved by little girls and women alike.

Half-up hairstyles come in different variations, for example, a bun, top knot, braid, or hair bow. Little girls often opt for these charming options as they keep the hair off the face during active games. You can complement a kid's look with a bow, pearl and crystal barrette, ribbon, or bright rubber bands.

When it comes to trendy hairstyles for medium-length hair, we have no shortage of options. You can find some of the most beautiful, unusual, and simple ideas on 

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