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Hairstyles for Short Hair

Short hair doesn't mean you can't look classy. Creative hairdressers are in a constant search of new stunning hairstyles for short hair, and stylists add a touch of uniqueness and glamour to traditional looks. Take a look at our guide to trendy hairstyles and unconventional haircuts.

Short Haircuts

Facial features are the key factor in choosing the right haircut. Some believe that a short hairstyle is the best option for those who have an oval or triangle face shape. In fact, finding the right length that hides one's imperfections and highlights strengths is more important. Plus, styling techniques play an essential role in creating a stunning look. 

Hairstyles for short hair shouldn't always be the same. A possibility of a quick makeover is a must-have property of modern haircuts. Keep in mind that this concerns not only bangs but the entire hair.

The way you cut your hair is the most crucial thing you should consider. Fashion experts state that a cut at the right angle will make straight, weakened hair look textured for 1-2 months. The most striking example is a pixie haircut. Thanks to a special cutting method in the direction of hair growth, this haircut:

  • looks extremely natural; 
  • can withstand wind, rain, and sunlight;
  • is low-maintenance;
  • matches any look starting from an elegant businesswoman and ending with a New Year's party queen.

Thus, any hairstyle on short hair can be turned into an eye-catching part of the look that matches the mood, the outfit, and the lifestyle. Let's take a closer look at some hairstyles for short hair.

Wedding Hairstyles

It's impossible to imagine mind-blowing short hairstyles for a festive event without striking texture, adorable waves, and accessories. Braids, voluminous curls and buns, a Greek goddess updo, and finger waves will make a bride look charming. Add some accessories like tiaras, hair combs, wedding hair vines, feathers, rhinestone hairpins, headbands, and fascinators to create a romantic look. However, go easy on decorations so they won't outshine the bride.

As for men, wedding hairstyles should look neat and stylish. Braids and top knots will make the whole look more impressive.

Evening Hairstyles

Any short hair can be styled splendidly. Voluminous hairstyles, including classic and Hollywood curls, top knots, and bouffant updos, are the height of fashion. You can also add accessories, such as barrettes, hair combs, elastic headbands, flowers, and hairpins. Remember that your hairstyle should match accessories, makeup, and the entire evening look. A single drawback may ruin both the image and the mood.

Casual Hairstyles

Everyday hairstyles are based on three primary rules: versatility, quickness, and simplicity. A pixie, a buzz cut, a bob cut, and an undercut are extremely easy to style without spending hours and a lot of styling products. Feel free to experiment with bangs, styling, bouffant hairdos, waves, and curls. Or you can add a dazzling accent in the form of a bright scarf, a ribbon of the same color as the outfit, a hair comb, flowers, shiny barrettes, and stylish headbands.

Short Hairstyles for Women

Even ladies with short hair can look feminine and chic. Trendy short haircuts are renowned for their simple lines and easy styling.

Plus, they can change your appearance dramatically and make you look bold. Experts noticed that short hair makes your cheekbones and jawline more pronounced. Charming bangs can highlight lips and eyes.

Short bob variations are less popular, but they still match oval, round, and heart face shapes.

All these hairstyles are considered universal, i.e., they can be easily adjusted to your image.

Beach Waves

Beach waves are simple and charming. They flatter round faces and can hide some features like prominent ears or an asymmetrical skull. You can get beach waves with the help of a curling iron, a hair dryer, or flexi-rods. Such curls go perfectly with business attire, evening dresses, and everyday outfits. In addition, this hairstyle can be combined with different accessories, such as headbands, hairbands, and snap hair clips.


Buns look lovely not only on long hair. Experienced stylists create messy, sleek buns on short hair. They can also combine them with braids. Feel free to use 'secret' items, such as donut buns, bun twisters, and false chignons that will upgrade your hairstyle.


A sophisticated half-up hairstyle is a fashionable option. Short hair gathered at the top of the head will upgrade your look. Hairdressers suggest a wide range of alternatives: classic, Greek-inspired, twisted hairstyles, buns, and hair bows. Half-up lace braids, skeleton braids, and bubble braids are also stunning.


An easy casual hairstyle can steal the show if you add stylish details like braids, hairpieces, marvelous snap hair clips, and scrunchies. A side ponytail emphasizes a graceful neck and a chiseled chin.

Short Hairstyles for Men

Men often opt for short haircuts as they are versatile, practical, and easy to style. 

At first glance, it seems you can do nothing with an ultra-short haircut. However, a professional will always find a way to make your hairstyle unique. For example, with the help of a hair clipper, a hair stylist can create a simple shaved picture on the back or the sides of the head. A side part haircut is another stunning option. 

A manly buzz cut, bob cut, and their variations with long hair on the top make your imagination run wild. You can style the hair to your heart's content, add braids, twisted or messy buns, ponytails, or locks. Consult hair stylists and get inspired by our photo gallery. Feel free to try fresh ideas, and you'll get a mind-blowing hairstyle.


Haircuts with long hair on top were made for experimenting. Such hair allows you to create top knots or half-up hairstyles. Unusual hairstyles combined with different types of braids will show one's individuality and sense of style.


Cornrows will look dazzling with various men's haircuts, except super short ones. Unconventional braids turn classic hairstyles into mesmerizing masterpieces. Braids with Kanekalon hair and hair toning will make your look more striking.

French Braid

A nicely done French braid on short hair helps to create a catchy look. If you want to add an interesting touch, try streaks or hair designs on the sides. With the help of adding small details, an experienced hairdresser can make your head shape symmetrical and the whole look balanced.

Short Hairstyles for Children

As kids tend to have round face shapes with soft angles that look absolutely adorable. That's why short haircuts suit little kids. Short hair is considered a practical option for a couple of reasons, including:

  • quick styling;
  • less tangling while playing or sleeping;
  • requires less patience from parents to keep their child sitting still. 

Professional hairdressers can create any kind of hairstyle for a child. The parents' wish is the law. Bob, inverted bob, and tomboy hairstyles are especially easy to style. In addition to that, they are easy to maintain and brush. Every mother would appreciate these time-saving options. Sophisticated hair accessories and simple, yet eye-catching hairstyles will jazz up an everyday look.

Double Buns 

Lovely space buns look neat and can be done in a few minutes. A spick-and-span hairstyle elongates one's face slightly without distorting facial proportions. If you want, you can combine neat or messy topknots with loose strands, a perfectly done French braid, cornrows, and ribbons. Hair accessories, such as flowers, bows, bright hairpins, and elegant hair nets will make the hairstyle charming.


Young cuties are lucky to have short hair. You can easily create a high or low ponytail on soft children's hair. Plus, it can be complemented by curls or unusual braiding. Short hairstyles in combination with rhinestone barrettes, headbands, or tiaras can create a wonderfully beautiful, feminine image of the little princess.

Short haircuts are perfect for imaginative and cheerful individuals. Hairdressers suggest hundreds of variations of traditional hairstyles and create genuine works of art. Be open to new ideas, feel free to experiment, and impress everyone around you!

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