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Hair bow for long hair

There are various options for creating styling and each of them differs in the technique of execution. It is best done on long hair - visually, it will add volume. The bow goes well with pigtails, bangs, bun.

For a youthful look, the element can be placed at the top, and for mature ladies, a low bow on the back of the head is suitable in various variations - with a tail, an oblique, or simply assembled from all the strands. The result is austere but elegant style. If a woman is going on a date or a party, she can drop a few strands in the front and curl them. The hairstyle gives the lady a special charm and coquetry.

For medium length hair

For medium lengths, various styling options are offered, one of which is semi-loose hair with a bow. The strands are left straight or curled. In both cases, the hairstyle looks neat, suitable for the office, walking, meeting with friends.

A small bow looks nice, which acts as an accent detail. It is placed in different parts of the head - it will not attract much attention, but it will favorably emphasize facial features. You can release the ends of the strands - curl them slightly or leave them straight.

Bow for girls

This is ideal for little girls in kindergarten, school. The styling looks neat, not a hassle.

Any hairpins, bright elastic bands, decorative elements, headbands are suitable for little women of fashion as a decoration for their hairstyles. If the strands are short, then two or three playful bows on the top of the head look great. For a festive option, you can pick up a bow made of strands processed with a curling iron.

For girls

Girls choose daring options, especially if they go to a party or a festive event. They flirtatiously place the bow on the side and secure a shiny hair clip at the base.

If this is a wedding look, then the element is made from part of the hair, generously sprayed with varnish to add gloss, and the remaining strands are curled into neat curls.

In addition, girls can combine different types of weaving together with a bow from their own hair. Braids can be small, delicate, large. Holds strands of pre-made bouffant well.

At a young age, you can not be afraid to experiment with the image, so the bow hairstyle in any variation looksoriginal and effective.

Before creating a styling, you need to read these recommendations:

  • it is not recommended to make the element on thin strands, because the end result will be frustrating;
  • if the face is plump, it is worth giving up the bow, as it will make the image heavier;
  • bangs can be made straight or combed;
  • it is better to choose the color of the accessories closer to the shade of the strands so that they cannot overshadow the styling itself.

If you follow these recommendations, the bow hairstyle will turn out to be neat and will attract attention.

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