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Beehive Hairstyles

The classic beehive hair looks like a voluminous hemisphere-shaped pile on the top of the head. It can be done for any hair length. The beehive hairstyle was especially fashionable in the 1960s. Today, it is still popular among women, because it goes well with any clothing style, regardless whether it’s a delicate dress or a formal suit. By complementing the look with a sparkling hairpin or a headband, you can create an amazing wedding hairstyle.

Beehive Hairstyles for Different Lengths

When it comes to this retro-inspired hairstyle that’s popular at all times, it is crucial to choose the right styling option. Fortunately, for almost half a century of its popularity, this hairstyle has gained a lot of unusual interpretations.

Long Hair

In the classic version, the beehive hairdo, also known as the B-52 hairdo, is often done out of long hair. In this case, you can tie high or low buns with several pulled out strands, either curled or straightened . You can decorate the masterpiece with braids, beautiful hairpins, ribbons or a bow.

Medium-Length Hair

To create a mid-length beehive, you might need false hair or a bun donut matching the color of your hair to add some extra volume. A beehive hairdo from the 1960s made of smoothly combed back hair will look super elegant. A pearl headband or a single color ribbon will complement the look really well.

Shoulder-Length Hair

There’s a wide range of hairpieces available that will help you create different beehive styles for shoulder-length hair. The only exception is a square cut. It’s better to attach a hairpiece on top and leave some natural hair to overlap. A hoop or a wide ribbon will also help to hide the hairpiece, as well as ensure additional volume to your 60s-70s beehive hair.

Beehive With Pulled Out Strands

When the style goes with pulled out strands, it looks romantic and mysterious. This one looks great on both long  and medium hair. Separate a few strands at the top, and make a light bouffant. The rest of the strands can be curled or straightened. The look can be complemented with a pearl hairpin or a shiny headband, or you can create a luxurious wedding look by attaching a veil.

Beehive Hair With Accessories

As a decoration, modern hairstylists use ribbons, hoops, hairpins with crystals, bright headscarves, as well as fresh or artificial flowers. In other words, you can unleash your imagination here.


The 60s beehive hairdo will look great complemented with a hair bow. This one is more than suitable for long hair. The bow can be placed literally anywhere: top, back or side. To create a bow, one strand will be just enough. An excellent option for short hair would be tying a ribbon into a bow.


A diadem is a versatile bridal accessory that will make you feel like a real queen on this important day. Smooth and neatly styled hair paired with a tiara will ensure a truly chic look. Curls casually falling over the shoulders, a bun and a shiny tiara will definitely add romance to the bride's beehive hairstyle and the look in general.

Hair Accessories

As a hairstyle decoration, you can opt for shiny hair pins, pearl headbands or single color ribbons. All this will undoubtedly add femininity and tenderness to any woman’s appearance.

Bridal Beehive

This hairstyle is sure to make a female silhouette look slimmer. Hair accessories, for example, a veil, a wreath, a hoop, a diadem, as well as fresh or artificial flowers, will help to complete the bridal hair look.

Beehive For Girls

Of course, the beehive hairstyle will definitely not work for everyday wear, but for a party your kid’s planning to attend, as well as their school performance or kindergarten graduation party, believe us, it will be just right. You can use a matching donut to add some volume. A tiara or a bow will be an ideal hair accessory for your little princess.

Beehive hair is the synonym for versatility. When decorated with a veil or tiara, this hairstyle turns into a chic bridal look. If you do a perfectly smooth beehive hairstyle and wear it with a formal suit, it will make you come off as a confident businesswoman. For a date night, you can just add a pearl hoop to add a touch of romance to the look. This is exactly why beehive hair hasn’t lost its popularity, and even now it’s still one of the hottest trends: retro is in!

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