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Hairstyles for Long Hair

Hairstyles for long hair with bangs

Hairdressers offer a huge number of all kinds of hairstyles for long hair. The emphasis is on the markedly healthy look of curls and the presence of bangs. The last element is not just a trend. The pros of bangs are as follows:

  • refreshes all kinds of haircuts;
  • brings a noticeable variety to the everyday look;
  • great emphasis on good natural data;
  • helps to correct the imperfections of the facial oval, hide skin problems.

The sad fact is that bangs are not for everyone. Therefore, we will reassure the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity a little: there is a whole class of universal hairstyles for everyday, business and solemn looks, which are equally beautiful with bangs.


A variety of bundles: classic, braided, wrapped, buns, double.


A hairstyle that girls of different ages have long loved. The principle of styling is as follows: a certain part of the hair is collected in a ponytail, bun or "bun", and the rest of the hair remains loose. Styling options with bangs can be experimented with and changed images every day.


Hairstyles with a ponytail, located low on the back of the head, high on the top of the head, with various types of bangs, opens the eyes of those around the straight line of the neck. The hairstyle looks amazing with everyday ensembles and sophisticated evening dresses. The styling itself looks impressive and often does not need additional additions.

Hollywood waves

A hairstyle with smooth waves or lush curls, with a straight parting or a braid with curls, with and without bangs ... Since the appearance of hairstyles at the turn of the 19th-20th centuries, the Hollywood wave has received dozens of varieties.

Weaving and interesting combinations

Braided hairstyles with bangs are versatile and very practical; they are preferred not only for constant wear, but also for festive events. On the basis of braids, hairstyles have a number of advantages: they look feminine, hold tight for a long time and are in harmony with almost any outfit.


Afrokos for long hair with bangs attractsthe enthusiastic glances of those around them with their showiness, brightness and volume.


Do not forget to decorate the finished hairstyle with accessories suitable for the current look: headband, scrunch, decorative hairpins, clips, combs.

Hairstyles for long hair without bangs

Most face types allow you to style your hair without bangs. But if the face is rectangular or the forehead is too high, it is advisable to choose a haircut with bangs, otherwise the face will seem too massive. The same advice applies to those with a wide forehead.

Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

The tenderness, beauty of the bride will be ideally emphasized by the correct hairstyle. For long hair, hairdressers have developed a whole series of all kinds of options. Let's take a look at the most interesting ideas.


Beautifully curled loose hair is a real decoration. Curls are formed by means of curlers, curling irons, ironing. As conceived by the master, lush curls are straightened neatly or chaotically, forming a certain pattern. All kinds of accessories, decorative elements are added: additional strands, hairpins, combs, tiaras, strass ribbons, floral details.


Tall, low, voluminous, smooth, divided - there are a lot of options for wedding buns. The hair is curled up with a bump, shell, made out with a variety of decor, ornaments. The hairstyle is comfortable, allows you to easily attach and remove the veil, styling remains neat throughout the entire celebration and is not a hassle.


Openwork braids are formed from previously prepared strands: curled, straightened, combed. The main idea is a voluminous waterfall of hair, attractive with light negligence, slight disheveledness. Looks graceful and gentle.

Evening hairstyle for long hair

Trendy forms of evening hairstyles - all kinds of braids, interesting tails, original buns.


Representatives of the fair sex are sophisticated in various options: braids with and without braiding, smooth and voluminous, multiple and single. Preference is given tocomplex hairstyles that create a thick effect. To add zest to the image, accessories are added - headbands, headscarves, leather cords.

Low tail

Low tails with an interestingly shaped crown are no less popular. Perfectly mask the imperfect shape of the skull, add volume to a modest head of hair.


Hair curled into a bun is a current classic. Strict smoothness perfectly coexists with the carelessness of curled "buns", exquisite "shell" - with a high "rose". Decorative elements are practically not required, the competent work of the hairdresser attracts the eye with the beauty and uniqueness of the idea.

Hairstyles for every day for long hair

The most current types of hairstyles are universal ones that are suitable for daily use. They are easy to perform independently, do not require a significant investment of time, effort, and various aids. There are three most popular.


A very simple hairstyle, the so-called "magic wand" in various situations. Are you running late? Did you oversleep? Several movements of the comb, carefully collect all the hair, fix the ponytail with an elastic band. The hairstyle is ready! For a change, you can curl the ends of your hair or straighten it with an iron. Agree, it looks neat and comfortable to wear.

Beach curls

A complicated version of the hairstyle with the use of styling products: foam, mousse, varnish. Slightly damp hair is dried with a hairdryer using special attachments or wrapped around a curling iron or iron. With skill, styling will take about 15-30 minutes.


Beautiful hairstyles "reverse braid", "fishtail", "braid without braiding" are easy to perform, they look spectacular. It will take a little time, a set of rubber bands and a short video tutorial!


In simplicity, they are not inferior to a ponytail. There are a huge number of the simplest beams performed by a pair of hand movements. A good elastic band, hairpins, scarf are enough. The main thing is the emphasis on light, artificially created negligence.

Kids Hairstyles for Long Hair

You rarely meet a mother who wants to style her fidget for 5-10once a day. An active child needs hairstyles that:

  • withstand full daylight hours;
  • do not interfere with running, playing, indulging;
  • are executed when there is a lack of time;
  • do not tighten hair roots and harm them;
  • perfectly return to their original look after wearing a hat, panama, cap.

Everyday children's hairstyles - variations of ponytails and braids. It was noticed: mothers of daughters quickly learn to weave at least three types of braids, to form one, two or more tails with decorations no worse than an experienced hairdresser.

For evening children's hairstyles for long hair, you will need the help of a professional. Little women of fashion are offered the same assortment as adults.

Men's hairstyles for long hair

Rockers introduced the fashion for long hair among men. Today, hairstyles emphasize the brutality and style of the owner of the head of hair. The following are the most popular in barber profiles.

With a ponytail

The simplest hairstyle that looks great on long hair is the ponytail. Collected hairstyles in a neat ponytail color the man doubly. There are a wide variety of ponytail hairstyles. With their help on long hair it is possible to create both simple and special hairstyles.


Men's hairstyle with braids is practical and comfortable, emphasizing the thickness of the hair. In combination with a light unshaven or a neatly trimmed beard, it looks impressive and unusual.