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Evening Hairstyles for Long Hair

Long hair, compared to short hair, requires a lot of time and effort. It applies to both its maintenance and aesthetics — how to style the hair and create a classy and chic look. When it comes to picking up an evening hairstyle for long hair, you have to think over every option thoroughly. Loose hair is too boring; a classic top knot or ponytail is unimaginative; braids are not always appropriate for a formal event.

However, experienced hair stylists have an ace in the hole that may make your jaw drop. A perfect evening hairstyle can bring out your entire look and make everyone look at you with admiration.

Evening hairstyles for long hair

Long hair is well-loved by every girl and woman. To create a stunning long evening hairstyle, you should keep in mind some fundamental principles.

  • If you're wearing a simple cocktail dress, get an intricate voluminous hairstyle, and if you opt for a puffy evening gown, go for an easy hairdo.
  • Go easy on hair accessories (tiaras, pearls, flowers, etc.) in an intricate evening hairstyle.
  • If you want to get a ponytail or loose hair as an evening hairstyle, make sure your hair is in perfect condition, i.e. there are no split ends or hair breakage. If you have such problems, it's better to get hair lamination to make your hair look impeccable.

Finally, remember that the hairstyle should match your face shape. If you're in two minds about what option to get, consult with a qualified hair stylist who will recommend you the most dazzling variants.

Flattering options

Evening hairstyles for long hair come in various styles from elegant classic to mind-blowing extravaganza.


A bun makes your facial features more defined. Such a hairstyle will steal the show if paired with large and vivid accessories, such as magnificent dangle earrings, sparkling necklaces, and many others, especially since a bun hairstyle comes in different variations.

Go with a Spanish bun or its messy variation with loose strands framing your face. Another lovely option is an effortless bun that will make your look charming and even playful. Retro bun hairstyles, such as the magnificent beehive, a French twist, and a shell-shaped bun, are still on-trend.

Beach waves

Curls are a must-have for an evening hairstyle for long hair. You can choose whatever you like: a bun or ponytail combined with a single loose curled strand, Hollywood waves, or beach waves.

As for beach waves, they are the height of fashion now as they look effortlessly chic with their natural layers. This long evening hairstyle goes nicely with revealing dresses. In addition, you can pair it with diverse hair accessories, such as pearl hairpins or artificial flowers, that you can pin your bangs with.


Braids allow your imagination to go wild. Do a crown braid, complement your bun with braids, or weave some tiny braids into your regular hairstyle.

Messy braids are having a moment this season. You can wear the braid alone or turn it into a voluminous bun that will look simple yet feminine and romantic.


A ponytail is considered the simplest hairstyle, yet it can be very intricate. Keep in mind that a high ponytail shows the back of your head. For example, create a ponytail with puff and curl the strands. It might be great to pair a low ponytail with a backless dress.

A ponytail can be combined with braiding — do a feed-in braids ponytail. Plus, a high ponytail looks marvelous paired with voluminous bangs. They can accentuate your facial features.

Evening hairstyles for long hair with and without bangs

Long evening hairstyles with bangs look mind-blowing. However, even if you're not into bangs, you can still get a classy hairdo — all you need is to know some tips to nail such a hairstyle.

With bangs

A classic ponytail or bun can be paired with literally any type of bangs. However, voluminous curls or braids look kind of unbalanced in combination with a fringe. In this case, you should decide whether you want to opt for another hairstyle or another type of bangs, for example, asymmetrical, choppy, or curtain bangs.

Without bangs

A parting is the focal point of an evening hairstyle. Its type depends on your facial features. For example, if you have an asymmetrical face shape, a side part may visually make it more symmetrical. For those, who have regular facial features, a slicked back hairstyle will be a perfect option. Pull your hair into an updo hairstyle to make a round or square face look longer. However, don't forget to leave some loose strands on the sides of the head or above your ears.

Evening hairstyles for long hair come in so many variations that it's extremely difficult to find the right one.

Check out hair stylists' portfolios from all over the world on our website — choose the one you like and make an appointment with a specialist near you. An experienced professional will help you find a perfect hairstyle that will flatter your face shape, hair texture, and will suit the occasion.

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