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Evening Braided Hairstyles

Evening hairstyles with braids are gaining popularity among women. Today braiding boasts a lot of various techniques, including both the simplest and the most complex ones, which can require time and special skills. It means that any girl can choose the most appropriate option that will not be time-consuming and will help them to style hair for a party in a unique romantic way.

Braiding is one of the basic techniques for trendy evening hairstyles 

Since ancient times, young girls and women have braided their hair. A long braid is a symbol of feminine beauty, modesty, decency. Centuries passed, fashion tendencies for hairstyles changed, new braiding techniques that keep getting a lot of play even these days were invented. Hair length doesn’t matter anymore when it comes to creating a braided hairstyle. Braids that go well with any style of clothing are undoubtedly a nice addition to your beautiful and natural look.

The variety of braids allows you to choose the perfect hairstyle to flatter any face shape. Braided hair can look even more elegant and eye-catching in combination with accessories. Various hair clips and combs, decorated with sparkling stones, rhinestones, beads, look very beautiful and bright. Colorful ribbons, a string of pearls, a beautiful chain can be woven into braids. In fact, there is a huge number of options on how to embellish such a hairstyle with accessories. So don't be afraid to experiment and try something new.

For short hair

Short hair is not a problem for hair professionals. Braids can look good on such short haircuts as:

  • short bob;
  • bowl cut.

For medium hair

A medium-length bob haircut is considered versatile, so any braiding technique will look impeccable on it. If the hair is not thick enough, braiding can add extra volume to the hairstyle. To achieve this effect, you need to do a loose braid and gently stretch the strands, creating additional volume.

For long hair

Long hair is a great canvas for endless experimenting. Experienced hairdressers are capable of creating true masterpieces. Sometimes, complex hairstyles feature several braiding techniques at the same time. However, the beauty industry has been striving for natural appearance, so such experiments are gradually losing their relevance. Most girls prefer uncomplicated, unpretentious hairstyles that can emphasize the merits of their outfit.

Trendy party ideas 

Evening hairstyles with elements of braiding look great on medium and long hair. Here are a few braiding ideas to create a romantic outfit:

Waterfall braid

It is a combination of a crown and a Dutch braid. First, you need to separate the strands on the sides at the temples and make a Dutch braid on each side towards the center of the back of the head. In this case, the rest of the hair remains loose. You can curl them with an iron or leave them as they are. It’s a very simple and at the same time elegant, romantic hairstyle.

Braided bun

A bun is one of the most popular and versatile hairstyles suitable for any party. If you combine your bun with braids, you will look flawless. First, a high ponytail is formed and divided into two strands. Simple Dutch braids are made from each strand, then neatly stacked around the head. Hair clips or bobby pins can be used to secure a hairstyle.

Braided headband

This hairstyle is easy to do even on your own. Separate large strands at the temples and make braids from them. Then fold the right braid to the left side, and the left braid to the right. Secure the edges of the braids with silicone rubber bands, hiding them under the hair. In the front, you can adorn the braids with beautiful hair pins with rhinestones, flowers, and beads. It looks romantic, gentle and not stodgy at all.

You don't have to come up with something new and complex to look magnificent. If your evening dress is elegant, puffy, and adorned with multiple decorative elements, stylists advise not to overdo it with styling. In this case, an unpretentious hairstyle with a simple Dutch braid will be the best solution. Some people find this name exotic, but in fact, everyone knows how to style the hair with such a braid. It consists of three strands and is woven according to the classic version. At the end, you can secure the braid with an invisible silicone rubber band and adorn it with a beautiful hairpin.


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