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Everyday Hairstyles for Long Hair

Half Pull Up Hairstyles

Beautiful long hair, which nature itself has endowed you with, does not have to be braided in bunches and knots all the time.


Styling will come in handy even on a normal day. To make such a hairstyle is as easy as shelling pears: wind a few strands slightly and secure them at the back, just let the rest of the hair down.


A versatile everyday option. Twist a couple of tufts and tie at the top, and leave the rest of the hair to slide nicely over your shoulders. Such images are suitable for young ladies: they will look unusual and wear well.

Ponytail Hairstyles

If you want to diversify your look, a stylish and versatile tail will do. It can be made high from straight or twisted curls, complemented by an elegant bow or a solid ribbon. A voluminous low ponytail made of beach curls, decorated with hairpins with crystals and beads, can also be your choice. A ponytail with elastic bands is a trendy version of this season, suitable for both an office dress code and an evening walk. Headbands, ribbons, cords and even small chains or rings will effectively complement this idea.

Everyday weave options

Weaving is always unusual. We will offer several safe types of braids at once for your usual day.


Looks great with both a flying dress and a business suit.

French braid bun

Looks great with loose strands.


Romantic and feminine.

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She is a braid-wreath. Such a composition on the head will emphasize the beauty of the face and the refinement of the neck.

Volumetric braid

These hairstyles give the hair a noticeable volume. You can decorate the weaving with ribbons, hairpins with pearls or beads.

Curls and curls

Curls and curls will never go out of fashion. There is a great opportunity to experiment by laying either from the back or from the side. As an option - leave your hair loose, arrange it in a voluminous tail, decorate curls with hairpins - curls in this regarduniversal.


This is a bright, bold and unforgettable step, especially for young people. An excellent choice if you want to capture a zest in the image.

Big curls

A classic that suits all face types and hair textures.

Beach waves

They look spectacular and at the same time very natural.


A great alternative to styling for every day - two noticeable and slightly tousled curls. Such an idea will emphasize facial features, add lightness to the image.

Nowadays, women can change their image every day, spending a minimum of time and money. The easiest way is to change your hairstyle, and long hair only encourages experimentation.

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