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Retro Hollywood Wave

Large, neat curls, popular in the American city of dreams, appeared in 1919 thanks to the genius hairdressing master - Marcel Grateau. This wonderful man invented the hot curling iron that is useful for all women. With their help, he created the very "Marseilles wave", which later became known as Hollywood.

Modern American retro-style curls are neatly curled hair that lies in the same direction without the slightest hint of carelessness or mess. The image turns out to be refined, expensive, which testifies to the impeccable taste of the owner of a beautiful head of hair.

Today, to get wow-curling, professional masters use:

  • curling irons;
  • irons;
  • large diameter curlers;
  • brushes with clamps.

Home life hackers offer to form a Hollywood wave hairstyle from flagella tightly rolled into "bagels", fixed with bunches of bandages. Some craftsmen recommend winding large strands of the tail with a curling iron to speed up the process. But practice has shown that the result is not beautiful and even Hollywood curls with a pronounced cold (unidirectional) wave, but a chaotic light curl with an indistinct structure, signs of negligence and untidiness. Unfortunately, no amount of hairpins, tiaras, headbands and other types of jewelry will give such a hairstyle style and showiness.

Best of all, Hollywood curls look in tandem with a side parting. Most of the hair is thrown to one side, which creates the effect of incredible volume and thickness of the hair. For the durability of the hairstyle, professionals recommend choosing styling products with the most durable result without stickiness: foams, mousses.

Hollywood wave hairstyle in different lengths

Initially, the hairdresser conceived the Hollywood hairstyle as a novelty for short hair. But over time, stylists became convinced that it is universal. Perfectly suits hair of any thickness and structure, adds splendor and volume.

For short hair

On short hair, Hollywood curls are performed without any problems. Hairdressers try to add definition to their hairstyles with smoothing sprays and fixing waxes.But even light fluffiness will not hurt the styling. Airy strands with a characteristic wave refresh the face, adding grace and sophistication to the bow.

Medium length hair

Catchy "cold" curls look no less impressive at medium length. The filigree ends give the hairstyle a neatness. And in order not to form a sharp transition from straight hair to wavy hair, hairdressers recommend winding strands on papillotes or curling iron from the very roots.

Long hair

Stylists are unanimous: the longer the hair, the more chic the Hollywood wave is. It is this hairstyle that allows you to fully demonstrate the beauty and luxury of long hair. By the way, brides are very fond of curls for a romantic image with a touch of glamor, as well as for a variety of styling. The Hollywood wave goes well with low bunches, tails, ornaments in the form of tiaras, hairpins, headbands, and wreaths.

Retrolokones are easy to make both in the salon and at home. Notice how lively and luxurious the curled strands look. Try on new looks, and boldly transform into your pleasure!

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