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Ponytail Hairstyles for Long Hair

Anyone who has already rated the ponytail for long hair has its own collection of hairstyle options that best suit hair type, face shape, event and outfit.

But if you are just getting started with styling long hair, stylists recommend considering the most fashionable versions of the ponytail.

High ponytail for long hair

This is one of the most effective options that will be appropriate for a business style, and for an incendiary party.

A high ponytail in combination with long hair falling down the back gives the look a certain piquancy - the hairstyle is very appropriate to combine strict elegance and soft sensuality.

A high ponytail will suit almost any type of face, if you play up the hairstyle correctly with accessories. So, for a wide face, you can use a volumetric patch on the tail (scarf, special rings, etc.) and large earrings. You can also make the tail not straight and even, but curl your hair slightly or make it lush with the help of a fleece - the volume of the tail itself will visually help to reduce the volume of the face.

Voluminous ponytail for long hair

A voluminous ponytail for long hair gives the impression of thoughtful carelessness, playfulness and even allows you to look younger than your age.

This hairstyle can be done in a high or low position, and add volume using a variety of tools and techniques, from bouffant and curling, to highlighting individual strands on the fixing composition.

For an evening out in an open dress, a tail with a soft wave gathered at the bottom is ideal. Curling can be either "chaotic" or strictly geometric, in which each wave is clearly separated from the other. The same wave in the front, in the style of the 1930s, is perfect for such a tail.

Low ponytail for long hair

A low ponytail is equally well suited as a casual hairstyle or evening, depending on the technique of its execution.

The classic hairstyle, which is ideally combined with a business style, implies smoothly and evenly styled hair all over the head and the same smooth ponytail. To make your hairstyle more expressive, you can use accessories - a clip or an elastic band, or wrap the tail with a strand of hair.

This styling is also suitable for evening orcocktail dress in an elegant style.

For a casual style or an informal evening out, smoothness of hair is secondary or does not matter at all. Quite the contrary: a few strands of hair that have come out of the hair set the right tone: playful, sensual and daring.

A ponytail for long hair is not as simple as it seems at first glance, and allows you to complement an image or emphasize a mood no worse than makeup or an outfit.

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