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Long Hairstyles for Girls

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Hairstyles for girls for long hair

All children's styling can be roughly divided into two categories - daytime and evening options. In the first case, it can be various weaves, tails or buns. Such styling should not only look attractive, but also be durable. For the holiday, doll curls, unusual weaving, everyone's favorite Malvinka and all varieties of a bundle are great.


Weaves at a good length look very original, while socks do not crumble in the second hour. Braids can be simple or complex. Simple braids are ordinary, uncomplicated braids that can be placed on the sides or in the middle of the head. In a complex version, you can create volumetric braids or combine weaving with a bundle. A girl can safely decorate such a hairstyle for long hair with colored elastic bands, bows, flowers or bright ribbons.


Hair bow hairstyle, it would seem, what could be more original? Long hair braided in a bow-like hairstyle, it looks great on a baby head. Such styling is perfect for a festive occasion as well as for every day.


Low and high tails with a bow are in demand in everyday life. For a celebration, you can safely combine a tail with various weaves. Braids can be located both on both sides and in the center. Festive styling with a ponytail can be very different. In 2023, the most popular are: "fish tail", original plaits, spikelets in tandem with a low tail. Delicate pearl invisibility, bright ribbons or elastic bands will help to complement this combination.

Kanekalon Hairstyles

Kanekalon is a man-made fiber that closely resembles a real strand. With this decorative element, it turns out to create an original and funny look that is so perfect for naughty girls. There are a lot of options for children's images with kanekalon. It can be dreadlocks, Afro-braids, French braids, a dragon, a spikelet, etc. The advantages of this choice are:

  • originality;
  • volume effect;
  • practical and sustainable.

On average, such styling can be worn for about 15 days. At this time, you do not need to worry about your appearance.babies.

Popular baby styling with design elements

Hair styling for babies often looks cute, it can be playful horns, mischievous braids, as well as light curls. They can always be decorated with bright elements, for example, sparkling hairpins or unusual bows, flowers and rubber bands are also suitable.

With flowers

Fresh and artificial flowers will be a gorgeous decoration. They will be great to complement large, small, as well as careless curls. Floral wreaths, headbands and hairpins are often used as decor. Long hair can be tied up in a bun or an original braid.

With bows

A holiday is a great occasion to create an attractive and stylish styling, where bows can serve as decoration. They are large, small, silk, openwork, with sequins or crystals. All this greatly adorns the length, and also attracts the enthusiastic glances of others. With such a decor, a high tail, a careless bun, a waterfall hairstyle, French braids and large curls look harmonious.

With rubber bands

Rubber bands are a favorite attribute of little princesses. With such decorative elements, you can safely combine curls with weaves. Colored elastic bands, distributed over the entire head, will add volume and solemnity to the hair, and invisible elastic bands will allow you to create a true masterpiece of various weaving options on a child's head.

You can find beautiful and unusual ideas for little princesses on our website Choose attractive, practical hairstyles for girls, implement ideas yourself, or sign up with the best masters of your city.


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