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Braided Hairstyles for Long Hair

A braid on long hair is not only a masterpiece made by a stylist, but a hairstyle that you can rely on in any situation: on weekdays or on the weekend, as well as on some special occasions. To inspire some new hairstyle ideas, we have found and gathered all the best photos of braid hairstyles for long hair. Choose your favorite one and feel free to book an appointment with a hairstylist on our website, and a professional beautician will make your dream come true. 

Long hair is not easy to handle: it requires more haircare than, let’s say, hair of medium length. However, long hair will always win over medium or short ones, since it creates a much more feminine and unforgettable image. Hairstylists have shared some easy ways of weaving braids on long hair so that you can do it yourself. 

How To Braid Long Hair Yourself

Here are a few simple ways to weave braids. Use them daily to look original and stunning every day. In fact, weaving is not as difficult as it might seem at first sight; you only need to practice a couple of times to master it. 

Casual braid hairstyles include basic braids as well as French ones. Narrow ribbons, hairpins with decorations, pearl threads and others can be used as additional accessories. Standard braids don't take a lot of time, the skill is acquired fast and practice makes perfect. 

But as for festival braids, great skill is a must – only in this case your DIY hairstyle is sure to be original and festive. Add a sprinkle of imagination and the basic braid will turn into something extraordinary. 

The 1st Way

First, divide your hair into two parts horizontally; try to weave a standard French bride across, not along the head. The braid should not start from the temple, but a little bit further. Also, do not tighten the strands too hard - loose way of weaving will make the hairstyle look more casual. The upper braid should be woven from left to right, the lower one - vice versa. The hair that remains loose can be fixed with a hairband and elegant hairpins. This variation would be perfect for a festive occasion. 

The 2nd Way

Long loose hair with thin braids weaved across the head or diagonally. In order to get this hairstyle done, you first need to braid a small strand near the temple, and then fix it on the other side of the head over the loose hair. You should stop in the neck area, and make sure the braids are fixed with an elastic band under the loose hair. A couple of these simple weaves along the entire hair length and you’ll definitely draw everyone’s atention. By the way, it’s highly recommended to use some hair accessories that match your outfit.


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