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School Hairstyles for Long Hair

A long hairstyle for school is as important as your outfit. On-trend options include loose curls, beautiful updos, and many others.

The main thing about hairstyles for school is that they should be simple and neat so that they last long during busy school days.

Updos for long hair: Jaw-dropping and comfy

Long hair looks stunning, however it might not be very practical, especially for little girls. Thankfully, there are many variations of convenient ponytails, simple or intricate braids.

Timeless ponytail

A classic ponytail is done in a matter of minutes, and it will last at least half a day. Here are some back-to-school hairstyles for long hair that will upgrade your look:

  • A high ponytail with puff will add a touch of elegance to a high school girl’s look.
  • A medium or low ponytail looks super lovely. Wrap a strand of your hair around an elastic band to hide it.
  • A twisted ponytail can be decorated with a cute barrette.

Charming French braid

Such a hairstyle looks marvelous both alone and with hair accessories. Plus, a French braid is a perfect option for thin hair.

A diagonal French braid will make you look intriguing. If you want to add some volume, do a reverse French braid. Another unusual variant of this hairstyle is double braids that later merge into one.

Pull-through braid

A pull-through braid looks intricate. However, to create this hairstyle, you should follow simple steps:

  1. Pull your hair into a high or low ponytail and secure it with a rubber band.
  2. Split your hair into an upper and lower part and tie each with an elastic.
  3. Pull the lower section through the top one, then tighten a rubber band on the lower part of the hair.
  4. Tie the bottom part with an elastic band and repeat the previous step.
  5. Do this braiding all the way to the bottom and make sure that the distance between elastics is equal.
  6. Tease the sections into a fuller shape to create volume.

Playful half-up hairstyles

If there are no restrictions on wearing loose hair in your school, consider half-up hairstyles as they won't distract you from classes and make you look chic.

Half-up ponytail

A half-up ponytail looks marvelous on straight and wavy hair alike. Girls with straight hair can wear a straight ponytail with casual outfits, and curl their hair for a festival occasion. Follow these steps to do this quick hairstyle:

  1. Do a middle part;
  2. Grab the hair from the top of your ears to your temples and secure it with a rubber band on the back of the head.

Do a hair bow at the top of the head to create a more exquisite look. First, do a loop bun and pull the rest of the ponytail over the center of the bun. Then secure the strands with hairpins under the bow.

Another fantastic option is twisting a half-up ponytail into an on-trend bow.

Waterfall braid

To create a waterfall hairstyle, you'll need to:

  1. Create a middle part;
  2. Grab the hair on the right temple and start braiding as if for a classic French braid. However, instead of crossing the hanging piece as you would do with a regular French braid, leave it hanging to create the waterfall effect;
  3. Take your top and bottom strands and cross them over each other once. Repeat this step till you get to the opposite side of your head;
  4. When you get behind your opposite ear, do a normal braid and secure it with a bobby pin.

Half-up French braid

This hairstyle comes in a lot of variations.

  • A simple half-up French braid.

Braid your top hair and secure the ends with an elastic on the back of the head.

  • A side half-up French braid

This hairstyle will make your look super elegant. Start braiding from your temple all the way down to your hairline creating a voluminous braid. 

  • Side cornrows.

The focal point of such a hairstyle is the imitation of shaved sides with the help of cornrows that are braided one under another. It's better to apply the French braiding technique starting from the temple and ending somewhere near the back of the head. The other part of the hair is left loose.

Accessories for long back-to-school hairstyles

Hairstyles for school like ponytails, braids, or loose hair can be decorated with bows, colorful rubber bands, intricate braiding, etc.


Ribbons are well-loved by girls today as they are appropriate in almost any hairstyle.

For example, tie your ponytail with a ribbon, and it'll turn your look into something romantic. As for braids, you can incorporate this vivid accessory in your braid to give a pop of color to your outfit.


Elastics are common accessories for creating back-to-school hairstyles. You can go with silicone hair ties, or you can choose options with various details, such as flowers, beads, and metal. Fluffy scrunchies are also a lovely choice.

Long hairstyles for school will look unusual if you use small elastic bands. For instance, create an adorable headband or a crown braid with the help of colorful rubber bands.


There is a wide range of hairstyles for school, including half-updos, waterfall braids, or braided pigtails. Some other options are a braided bun, various French braids, and classy fishtail braids. You can also create double fishtail braids or leave your hair loose.

Long hair allows you to create casual hairstyles for school and genuine masterpieces alike. Feel free to experiment with different styles that will suit both little girls and teenagers.

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