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Tattooing is a type of body art and a way of self-expression in the form of images made on the skin with ink. People who get tattoos, often want to express their feelings and view of life through them.

Tattoos for Women

Tattoos give a special charm and aura to a woman. Women often choose images that radiate beauty and sensuality. Most women want to highlight their sensuality, delicacy, and loving nature and choose discreet artwork for their tattoos.

In contrast to men, women opt for small images for their first tattoo, as they do not feel the need to have their entire bodies covered in tattoos.

Tattoos for Men

Men’s tattoos often depict various scenes and hold a deep philosophical meaning. Men see tattoos as a way to remind themselves about what they have been through and to express their emotions and the desire to overcome their fears and insecurities as well as to find motivation.

There are plenty of tattoo designs for men – everyone can find a design to their liking. Oftentimes, men choose images of animals, plants, symbols, phrases, patterns, and portraits.

Small Tattoos

Young women prefer small tattoos, trying to highlight their personality with the help of a minute image that carries a deep meaning for them.

While men often want to get their entire body covered in tattoos, the majority of ladies have no interest in this. Some opt for small trendy designs for their first tattoo, because they want to learn about the process, look at the tattoo artist’s skill, and get a new experience.